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TBC Staff

Mr McMahon,
Why are you two so reluctant to call a spade a spade when it comes to Rick Warren? His misuse of the Word proves he and his movement are leading many away from the truth. RW (CA)

Dear TBC,
A friend briefly looked over my May issue of TBC....Your publication is what she has been looking for: the meat of the Word, end-time apostasy, etc. Praise the Lord for your ministry. SS (OR)

Dear Brothers and Sisters at B.C.,
Thank you so much for your work! A good friend...gave me Dave Hunt's book Judgment Day! I was astonished to read of things I would never have known if it were not for the faith of a man in God's power and protection. Bless you, Dave, and praise to our Great God for all...who are not intimidated by the satanic madness [Islam], which attempts to tower over reason and true Christianity. JG (NH)

Thank you! I went through the Purpose-Driven Life program in a Spanish Evangelical church....I was so caught up in this that I ignored so many signs that clearly showed that this book is contrary to the true Word of God....I even gave this book to an editor of a prominent Spanish newspaper, who is not a Christian. I have to make amends to this and make sure that he finds out the truth. How confused he will be!.......I intend to alert Spanish churches in my area about what is evidently not of God. Many brothers and sisters...must be warned. (email)

Dear Berean Call,
I started listening to your radio program [Search the Scriptures Daily] in April 2005. I fell in love with Dave and Tom's commentary and edification and instruction every Monday night. It was the highlight of my week to be informed on the latest apostasy in the church. TH (prisoner, VA)

[TBC: Warnings about apostasy are only part of the program.]

Dear Mr. Hunt,
This is not a question, this is a "thanks" from the bottom of this Christian heart. I am glad you are there crying out in these apostate days. The truth is precious, and fewer and fewer there are that preach it or write about it. Even these new version bibles are subtly stealing away the precious Words of God. God bless you, your family, and your staff. LD (email)

I just wanted to write you in response to your radio program in "Contending for the Faith," titled, "Are you confused by our website?"...After I listened to what you said, I checked out the website bereancall.com [note: TBC's website is thebereancall.org-see TBC Notes, Oct '06]. I found the same deceit and false doctrines that you had pointed out on your program. There is a message forum on the bereancall.com website, so I left a correctional comment....I asked why he would malign Dave Hunt by replacing "Hunt" with a different last name. When I typed in "Hunt" on the forum, it was edited to appear as "Golly." I wrote that if he is truly part of the body of Christ, he should repent of his ways. I wrote this in love and sincerity. However, when I checked on the bereancall.com website, my comments were deleted. I pray that [this person] will receive the Truth with an open heart and will be convicted by the Holy Spirit. (email)

Your article on Theophostic [counseling-Sep '06 TBC Extra page, by Jan Fletcher ] was well done and timely. Your article on Psychology in the October '06 newsletter is an incredible and accurate summation....I will share both with others, especially [those] in "Christian counseling." I have a BS in psychology (totally useless) and have considerable experience in counseling....Several years ago I was led through a couple of Theophostic sessions. You were too kind. I didn't know I could invoke Jesus to show up at will-just like a demon! Incidentally, four years later, the "therapist" is backslidden, ill, "not well." Surprised? (Anonymous by request)

Dear Sirs,
Actually, I'm writing to let you know I learned something from Rick Warren's book Purpose-Driven Life....I had read through the NKJB each year for 10 or 12 years. Mr. Warren's use of so many different Bibles in his scripture references left me baffled. My solution was to look [them] up in my Bible. I would read a few verses before and after his references. I soon learned that, while his references made sense, they were out of context with what I thought the Bible was saying. It's like people are putting a phrase in the computer's concordance and using the version that says what they want said. The important thing I've learned from looking up all these scriptures is how much I've missed just reading straight through the Bible-Thank you, Rick Warren! And that gives me even more appreciation of your program [Search the Scriptures Daily], which gives meaning to our Lord's Word. DW (WA)