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Temptation doesn't come from God but from within....It's not God...Satan, his demons, or the world's evil system that entice us to sin....it is our lustful nature.... Our flesh, our fallen nature, has a desire for evil...even though we've been redeemed and have received a new nature, we still have an enemy within. The resident passion of the flesh, not God, is responsible for our being tempted to sin.

John MacArthur, Truth for Today, 323

It must be the settled purpose of your heart to will nothing, design nothing, do nothing, but so far as there is reason to believe that it is the will of God. It is as great rebellion against God to think that your will may ever rightly differ from His as it would be to boast in His universe that you have not received the power of willing from Him....To think that you are your own, or at your own disposal, is as absurd as to think that you created yourself.

William Law, The Power of the Spirit, 20