Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust |

Hunt, Dave

Short selections from Chapter Five: The Coming World Government

A ruthless, vicious, totalitarian government, saying all of the right things about peace, love, and brotherhood, will soon take control of planet Earth. Nothing can stop it. The United States, after its sudden and mysterious collapse, will be powerless, a mere pawn in the process. Will this be something that the fabled Trilateralists will bring about? No, the conspiracy is much larger than that and far too powerful for the Trilateralists to control.

Much of the alarmist nature has been rumored about a conspiracy among top political leaders in Washington to betray America's national interest. These men, all members or former members of the Trilateral Commission and/or Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), are said to be working hand in glove with certain highly placed Communist leaders in an international conspiracy to bring about a world government....There is no doubt some truth in such reports. However, the Trilateralists and CFR people are invariably referred to with exaggerations that seem to attribute omniscience and omnipotence to the "internationalists."

It is a fact that members of several elite political organizations here and abroad are part of an international conspiracy to establish a world government. However, is that so bad? How else can there be a just and lasting worldwide peace? Surely a world government should not be considered evil, but the best hope for preventing a nuclear holocaust. Yet many object that it could only be established at the cost of freedoms that Westerners hold dear....

In several of his books, H. G. Wells seems to have anticipated with uncanny accuracy the steps leading to the coming world government. While proposing a worldwide benevolent socialism, he had no illusions about Communism, which he rejected with these words:

"In practice, Marxism is found to...resort to malignantly destructive activities be practically impotent in the face of material difficulties. In Russia, where...Marxism has been put to the test...each year shows more and more clearly that Marxism and Communism are digressions from the path of human progress....The one main strand of error in that theory is the facile assumption that the people at a disadvantage will be stirred to anything more than chaotic and destructive expressions of resentment....We reject...the delusive belief in that magic giant, the Proletariat, who will dictate, arrange, restore and create...."

Instead, he predicted that the new world order would be in the hands of "an elite of intelligent religious-minded people." The religion of these sincere conspirators, as Wells laid it out and confessed it to be his own, was exactly what the Bible describes as the religion of the coming Antichrist! Few people will notice this, however, so intent will they be upon saving the world from nuclear holocaust. Their goals will be so sincere and seem so logical: that a lasting, genuine peace can only come through worldwide control over the nationalistic interests that otherwise compete for territories, resources, wealth, and power, and that create wars in the process....

Raised to be an evangelical by his mother, Wells became an apostate enemy of Christianity. A close friend of T. H. Huxley, Wells was an avid evolutionist and an atheist. Yet he had a religion, a belief that an elite of Godlike men would evolve in due time, "take the world in hand and create a sane order." The world would be transformed through his apostate religion. It is doubtful that Wells realized that he was prophesying the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy: "Let no one in any way deceive you, for...the apostasy comes first..., and [then] the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction." ...Wells, however, seemed to know that it would not come in his generation, but probably in the next:

For my generation, the role of John the Baptist must be our extreme ambition. We can proclaim and make evident the advent of a new phase of human faith and effort.
We can point out the path it has been our lifework to discover... "Here," we say, "is...the basis for a new world."

The idea of a world government has been around for a long time. What is new today is the fact that almost everyone is coming to the same conclusion, and in the desperation of the hour millions of people are doing something about it....As H. G. Wells predicted, the "conspiracy" has now become an open movement involving hundreds of millions of "believers." Most of these "open conspirators," as Wells prophesied, have in mind a worldwide unity that will be built less upon government than the internationalists intend, and more upon a fundamental people-to-people relationship. That this could very well happen is being demonstrated by networks of thousands of groups of ordinary citizens already working together around the world in the new and powerful peace movement. Again it seems to have been anticipated by Wells, who wrote: "What we work toward is synthesis, and this communal effort is the adventure of humanity."

Something important is taking shapea huge, growing, grass-roots movement that is not so much political as it is religious, though not in the ordinary sense. It is a new spirituality, a mysticism that is too big to be confined within the narrow limits of any religion.

Dr. [Fritjov] Capra, brilliant University of California at Berkeley research physicist, declared:

We live today in a globally interconnected world...[requiring] an ecological perspective...a new vision of reality, a fundamental change in our thoughts, perceptions and values....

It is interesting that when H. G. Wells wrote of the "open conspiracy" that would eventually establish the new world order, he declared: "This is my religion...the truth and the way of salvation....It is astir already in many immense and hopeful revolution in human affairs...."

There is overwhelming evidence that what Wells predicted is happening at last, that it is not a chance phenomenon, and that it is already much too big for the Trilateralists to control....

We face not only a coming world government, but also a coming world religion. In the space age, it must have the endorsement of science.  What could this religion be? It takes no great genius to realize that if the Bible calls its leader the Antichrist, then this religion must be antichristian. However, Jesus Himself warned that this man would pretend to be the Christ, and that his masquerade would be so clever and convincing that it would "mislead, if possible, even the elect."