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TBC Staff

Dear Berean Call,
Thank you for the work, the research, and the willingness to say it as the Scriptures say it. Keep on. As a pastor, it is becoming more and more difficultpeople don't really want the Bible truth [but] what they consider to be truth. Psychology has really taken over...and is coming into our church here....I have taken a stance against it, but I feel very alone. Thanks for the encouragement. CB (IN)

Dear TBC,
A fellow prisoner recently shared several issues of TBC newsletter with me. Wow! Having thoroughly read each one twice, I am led to write and let you know I appreciate your holy boldness....I assure you that your materials do not gather dust in here. They will be shared with many others besides me. Thanks again and keep earnestly contending for the Faith. GA (prisoner, NC)

I have just read the first part of Mr. McMahon's article concerning Apostasy. I would simply like to add my utter agreement. This disease of Apostasy has become a virulent cancer that has infected the majority of churches here in UK....Recently I was answering criticism concerning our street preaching. I pointed out that John Wesley rode the length and breadth of this country preaching the same message that we do. The young Christian's response was, "Well, who was John Wesley anyway? He was just a man!" Please keep us in your prayers. JH (United Kingdom)

Dearest Dave,
I'm 65 years old...and have followed various ill-chosen pathways trying to find the Lord. [But] I've [also] spent many years keeping a heart toward Israel, praying for "the apple of the Lord's eye"....I currently finished your book Judgment Day....With all my heart, thank you! I wish I could do so much more
so much wasted time and a body that's been unwell. You've helped open my eyes....I've been to Dachau, I've known many Jews who were inmates. Thank you, Dave, for being so faithful and for standing up and telling it like it is. (email)

Dear Dave and Tom and TBC Staff,
I just listened to your program [Search the Scriptures Daily] on my little kitchen radio. Good thing I stayed up late to clean up! It's been too long since I listened to your always-updated, insightful, and scripturally sound perspectives. It's past midnight, and I wanted to be sure to thank you for your ministry....You both speak about current trends so clearly, concisely, and compassionately. There is no tone of self-sufficiency but rather you lay out the trends you are seeing amidst the backdrop of "peace" and "unity...." Thanks so much for all the time and effort...so that we all may come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. GS (OR)

Dave and Tom,
[Re program aired 10/25/08], you two were talking about deceptive things that people are falling into....When you began judging Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, and others, I would say "beware!" The word says we will be judged in the same way we judge others: "Depart from me, I know you not...you had a form of godliness but denied the power."...I have followed some of these people's teaching and personally have felt the anointing and healing in my own body. The word says our spirit will identify with their spirit. I have served God with all my heart for fifty years. I am evangelical. To talk about these things is good but when you accuse people by name you are not joining with God's people for the great commission, you are destroying men of God with your mouth.... (email)

Dear Dave,
I'm nearly finished with [your book with Hans Kristian] To Russia with Love, and I have been blessed to the highest degree! I've always been interested in the people who risk their lives to get the gospel to those who would have no other way of becoming believers. I will reread my copy many times to receive the blessings all over again. FS (ME)

Dear Brothers,
I want to thank you for the most recent "Dave's Newsletter." Thank you all for your work, your love for the Lord and His truth, shown in the light of your work within dark places that Jesus warned about....It has become...evident through Scripture that Satan works with a tool called the "wedge," and all he needs is a small space to get in....and pollute it with seeds of weeds. SH (prisoner, MA)

Berean Call Staff,
We showed the DVD Psychology and the Church at our congregation. Of course it caused a stir, but many were blessed by it and encouraged to minister to the Body with the gifts that the Father has provided. D&MM (CA)

Dear Tom and Dave,
I am glad you are offering the new product The Truth About Mormonism....I really  relate to KB (MO) in your "Letters" section from the Oct 08 newsletter. I, too, have had conversations, or tried to, with church members about biblically related topics or experiences I've had, only to [encounter] blank stares, or worse, indifference. ML (OH)