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TBC Staff

To all at The Berean Call,

We received the book The Purpose Driven Life as a gift recently and as my wife and I went through it, we realized that there is no gospel message in it. So when your last newsletter came, I was glad to read that there are still some who are not taking in everything these “famous” teachers have to say but are searching the Scriptures to see if what they say is truth. Our hearts grieve for this generation of people who don’t seem to know how to think or compare what’s being fed them with Scripture! LO (Philippines)

Dear Bros. Hunt, McMahon & Staff,

What Love Is This?is highly appreciated and a valuable tool for those who are confused. May the Lord bless you abundantly, knowing the price you all had to pay to print the truth. We know people whose faith has been shipwrecked by Calvinism’s misrepresentation of God. As we preach and hand out tracts, it is a wonderful thing to be able to say with clear consciences, “Whosoever will may come.” HH (Australia)

Dear Dave, T.A., and Staff,

[Y]our newsletter serves as a welcome commentary on important and relevant issues….Our local church would probably seem old fashioned...if it is compared to the seeker-friendly mega-churches in the U.S....When we go to church, we come to praise and serve the Lord, not to be entertained. We long for His rebuke and exhortation, not to be flattered with the message of self-love. We sing the good, old psalms, where God gets the glory….The Gospel is taught with deep reverence and fear of the holy and living God, to whom we owe everything….With grateful faith in Christ, we humbly receive the salvation which Jesus accomplished for mankind on the cross once for all. VM (Denmark)

Dear Sirs,

Having read A Woman Rides the Beast, I’d like to say that I wish every Catholic in the world would be given a copy of that book. It was through reading...the history of the Catholic Church by secular writers that I came to see Roman Catholicism for what it was and is. Even as a schoolchild, I was disgusted by the quite overt anti-Semitism of my schoolteachers, some of whom were Catholic priests. Dave Hunt has done an excellent job—as has Harvest House for publishing his work. MH (United Kingdom)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I had looked forward to reading Debating Calvinism. I knew of Calvinism’s claim that non-Calvinists do not understand real Calvinism. I had hoped Mr. White would enlighten me, but I was disappointed. His shallow arguments...only strengthen my opinion that real Calvinism is indeed a damnable heresy. White’s handling of what is probably the most straightforward, simple, and probably the best-known passage in the entire Bible (John:3:16) is twisted to mean something different than what it says. But I thank God that “whosoever” means “whatever person, no matter who.” And that includes me. RH (TN)

Mr. Hunt,

Please remove my name from the mailing list of Berean Call. I noticed a book written against the ministry of Bill Gothard titled A Matter of Basic Principles….Perhaps these two authors should read the Bible, then they could understand what the principles are….And if these two authors are indeed believers—watch out! You are criticizing God, not man. DR (MN)

Dear Dave and Tom,

Your printed articles and radio programs have answered so many questions that have troubled me. I especially want to thank Tom for writing the book Showtime for the Sheep? It opens our eyes to what the film is about. LW (Australia)

Dear Dave Hunt,

We have seen the darkening of the evangelical world because of compromises that have been made. This latest one, the Mel Gibson movie, seems far more than compromise; it seems that it is an absolute deception that has come over the evangelical church. It has clouded the minds of many who were thought to be following the straight road—at least as far as I knew.….It was such a shock to us to have our pastor recommend this movie—first without seeing it (he has always seemed so cautious—not impulsive); second, his defense of it after having seen it. His main reasoning was those leaders…who told him that it was “the greatest witnessing tool in the last 2,000 years.” Really?? We are flabbergasted….We were accused of going to see it with too cynical an eye. Really? The people in the church bob their heads in agreement with what he has presented….So you see, you are an encourager for those who take God’s Word very seriously—not wanting to add or subtract from what He has given us. MW (NV)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

As I devoured the April issue of The Berean Call, I was most pleasantly surprised to find the TBC Extra, “God’s Words Compared with Eugene Peterson’s Words in The Message.” I have been waiting for something to be written about Mr. Peterson’s writing.  SB (OR)