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Imagine the One who is so infinitely high being so intimately nigh to each one of us, as miniscule as we are in the universe!

   Author unknown

During the latter part of 1968, a young Christian in Prague, Czechoslovakia, witnessed to another young Czech named Jan Palach. There seemed to be genuine interest on Jan’s part, and so the Christian promised to deliver a New Testament to him. He was filled with good intentions but he let weeks pass before he even obtained the New Testament. Then he kept delaying its actual delivery. On January 16, 1969, Jan Palach stood in St. Wencelas Square, poured gasoline over his body and set himself afire. He never lived to see the New Testament that had been promised to him. Good intentions are not enough….Amy Carmichael wrote, “The vows of God are upon me. I may not stay to play with shadows or pluck flowers till I my work have done….”

   William MacDonald, One Day at a Time, p. 149