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TBC Staff

Dear Dave and T.A.,
I'm an ex-Roman Catholic and when we were first saved, my family and close relatives knew full well that the TBN lineup, Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Marilyn Hickey, et al., were preaching a gospel that was at odds with the Word of God. Now, after many years, I see TBN people creeping into my family....The mailbox is full of junk mail-all pleading for money. Hickey sends out magic cloths, another hustler sent a packet of rice that was going to change into a fifty-pound bag....The relatives have a new response...: "If anyone criticizes any of these preachers, then they must be doing a great job for Christ because it is Satan that wants them shut down." JK (CA)

Dear Dave and team,
I had held a Calvinistic understanding of Scripture and never thought I would change. It seemed that most of the great preachers...were Calvinists, and I "saw" the doctrines of grace in Scripture....I had never come across a solid critique of Calvinism....Norman Geisler's Chosen but Free, and particularly your book What Love Is This? have helped to completely transform my understanding of Scripture with regard to these issues. You are right in saying that the very nature of God is at the heart of the debate. Your book, Dave, was superbly and passionately written [and] easily understood by the layman.... JH (United Kingdom)

Dear TBC,
Dave has hit the nail on the head again! There is so much yoga in the church it is mindblowing...."Emerging church" leaders and many Church of England and Church of Scotland churches are endorsing it here in the UK. It is a sad day indeed when the "church" is endorsing "Christian Kundalini" and leading believers into the Serpent-Power darkness of Hinduism. Thank you for your continued labor of love and for your uncompromising stand for God's truth. CL (Scotland)

Dear Mr Hunt,
Before I was a born-again Christian I was an avid reader of horror stories, especially by Stephen King. I have read your book A Woman Rides the Beast, and I have just finished reading Judgment Day. I must say, no other book I've ever read compares to the "horrors" of these two books. How much God loves us all for withholding His judgment for so long. I'm sure our grief doesn't compare to His. Thank you for your books of "real horror." I hope they become bestsellers. MP (NV)

God bless you there. We appreciate all you do. Dave is to us as "Paul of Old"we can depend on him to stand firm on the Word and fearlessly defend the faith as Jude 3 commands. RH (UT)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I...want to thank you for your presentation of God's Truth....I got saved while in prison....My mom got saved at one of your meetings...and it was [due to] her faithfulness in prayer that I am now saved....My one encouragement to you...is...I know that you could do a great job of expounding on an aspect of the gospel, or looking at it through different scriptures....[I]f you were to devote just one page of your newsletter a month, how great it would be....It is great to get a newsletter with your teaching on why things are wrong here or there-that is needed. Yet the Gospel is what we have been entrusted with and we are called to go into all the world and preach this gospel....I encourage you to...write a short presentation of the Gospel in each newsletter....Don't grow weary, brethren, but stand fast in the Lord. I am a newborn babe in Christ and I pray that in no way I have offended you. JJ (MN)

Dear Bro.,
A brief note to say how very much we appreciate The Berean Call magazine. We have also come to realize how much we need it. Bro. T. A. McMahon's article on the dangers of psychology both startled and delivered us. DC (Northern Ireland)