Question: Do you think that in Genesis 10 and 11 Nimrod is a type of Antichrist? |

TBC Staff

Question: Do you think that in Genesis 10 and 11 Nimrod is a type of Antichrist?

Response: We are told, "the beginning of his kingdom was Babel" (Gen:10:10). As the apparent builder and first ruler of the city of Babel surrounding the Tower of Babel, the first world government, and first world religion, Nimrod could typify Antichrist. Yet we know almost nothing about him except that he was "a mighty one in the earth...a mighty hunter before the LORD" (Gen:10:8-10). He is a very limited type of Antichrist.

Many believe that Babylon, built around the Tower of Babel, must return to power and influence. I've given the reasons why I don't believe Babylon in the Iraqi desert will be the headquarters of Antichrist, so won't repeat them here. In A Woman Rides the Beast and elsewhere, I list the fourteen reasons the angel gives John as to why the great whore of Revelation 17 and 18 is Rome, the Vatican, and the false world church headquartered there.

The woman is not the Antichrist, and she is called "mystery Babylon." That alone is sufficient to remove any support for the idea of Babylon (which all agree will be destroyed by Antichrist) being Antichrist's headquarters. Why would he destroy his own headquarters? That makes no sense.

Babylon is that woman, whom Antichrist needs at the beginning but against whom he turns, and he and the "ten horns...upon the beast [i.e., the ten kings under him typified by the ten toes of Nebuchadnezzar's image-Dan:2:44; 7:24]...shall hate the whore, and her flesh, and burn her with fire....And the woman [mystery Babylon] is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. [S]he shall be utterly burned with fire" (Rev:17:16-18; 18:8). Rome ruled the world through the Caesars and, subsequently, through the popes, whereas Babylon in Iraq has been in ruins for 2,300 years, and thus fits none of the criteria given in this passage.