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Dear T. A. McMahon,

Although I disagree with some things you write, the January issue with the Ecumenism update is spot on. Really enjoyed it. Even when we disagree, it challenges me. Thanks. JK (IA)


That summary on ecumenism was extremely well done—succinct and so true! You may not recall; we met in Abbotsford several years ago at “Learn to Discern.” Keep up the good work. DL (Canada)

Dear Berean Call,

Praise God in Jesus’ name—He is good! I’ve been receiving your newsletter now for I guess 25-plus years. I’ve always enjoyed it and learned from it. I thank you all for sending it to prisoners and others too. Also, in the past you’ve assisted me by sending information explaining things I’ve asked about.

I often save your main two-page articles that come in your newsletter. I do save and use your materials—yes, even various Q&As too. I just wanted you to know that you do not waste time and efforts. Thank you. PB (prisoner, MI)

Hello [edited for brevity],

You need to [know] that I use a Catholic Bible, the first Christian Bible on the scene. I can’t help [it] that men took the Bible and took out seven books from it and added other words to it…. I’m not trying to win an earthly argument. I’m just defending the one True Christian Faith. I can’t win what’s already won and [has] stood the test of time on sacred Holy ground that can’t be defeated. Since 33 AD the Roman Catholic Church has been undefeated. Unfortunately, it appears you don’t know true scripture, for man has interpreted the Holy Scripture in the Protestant faith. It’s true: Catholics hold the truth. N (email)

Dear Berean Call,

The information in your newsletter is much needed by us (ex-Catholics and ex-New Age believers), who have been released from bondage. Please don’t ever stop sharing the truth of the Gospel. Your discernment is being used by the Holy Spirit to point out the wiles of the devil to those of us who have been twice-born. Please keep running the race set before you. You will be richly rewarded by our Lord in eternity. MR (email)