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God is ready, waiting to be gracious. All the infinite stores of His grace and power are at the command of His Church and for the glory of His Son. The result of this winter’s work will depend on the attitude of His Church. A heaven-sent revival will come when the Church turns away from the frivolous and worldly spirit of entertainment, applies herself with persevering prayer to her real work, rekindles the wasted fires of zeal and faith, clothes herself with sackcloth and ashes over the follies, feebleness, and sins of the past. Then with every divine and quickened energy the Church can assault the strongholds of sin with invincible might, and show God, angels, devils, and men, she is in dead earnest about saving men from sin and from an eternal hell. Her renewed purpose is to point men to holiness, an eternal Heaven, and hasten the coming of her Lord; she no longer intends to dissipate her strength and dishonor her vocation by her shams, shows, frivolities. Then the Church will be visited by such a revival as we have not seen in all these years, and the “glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former.” (Haggai:2:9)

—E.M. Bounds