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T. A. McMahon

Getting Back on Tract

My guess is that most of us have passed out tracts from time to time…or at least one time. This note is to encourage you to get back to doing that or get started doing it! There are all kinds of tracts, most of which simply present the gospel. That’s the great thing about the gospel; it’s not complex. It can be presented in a paragraph. A child can understand it, and anyone who truly believes it has just received the astounding gift of eternal life—meaning that he or she will spend forever with God.

I’ve been under conviction about my own failing to pass out tracts, and I hope I can spread that particular conviction along to our readers. It’s “particular,” because I have been using our 4-MINUTE GOSPEL tract [see product pages], which has been fine, but what I’m sharing now is somewhat different. It has to do with two opportunities I’ve previously missed. One of them has to do with my not thinking and the other with my wrong thinking.

Here’s my “not-thinking” related situation. Whenever I go out to dinner, I put the tip for the waitress or waiter on my credit card—which is not exactly a personal “thank-you” touch. Now, I put cash in a tract that not only thanks the person (whose name I’ve learned and with whom I’ve taken every opportunity to chat during the meal), but it presents the gospel as well. Although personally I’d love to know that a soul got saved, I’ve always received a smile and a “thank you” when I’ve handed the tract revealing the cash tip to the server.

Now for my “wrong-thinking” situation. This probably has as much to do with changing my bad attitude as it does with performing a good work. To be honest, I’m not thrilled with giving to cardboard-carrying pan handlers, because I’ve had some bad experiences with them. For some, it’s a career. Others, however, may well be in bad straits temporarily, and since I can’t tell the difference, I’ve designed a gospel tract to which I attach a nutrition bar (Clif, Luna, Granola, etc.). Most of those looking for handouts often sit in one place for most of the day, so many will readily accept the tract with the bar attached. I can also add some money to the tract if I feel led to do so (see Mark:14:7).

My prayer for those who receive them is that God’s Word, found within the tracts, will find fertile soil and take root. A view of what the tracts look like can be found in our products page.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director