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Dear Berean Staff

As always, I am ever grateful to be receiving the Berean Call newsletter. It was God who heard my prayer, “Lord, I want to know you.” I meant that with all of my heart. I just wanted to know Him! And have nothing to do with any false way. By His grace, He led me to one of Dave’s books, and it offered a free monthly newsletter. I didn’t want to be deceived any more. Each one of your newsletters has been invaluable to me [that we] can know God NOT by religion but by His Word. WC (CA)

Dearest Family at The Berean Call,

I was so sorry to hear of the Russians closing down on Christianity again [in your Daily Update]. I weep for my brothers and sisters who suffer so much and will suffer even more. Jesus will surely come sooner than anyone expects…I keep looking up. I am listening to old audiotapes of Dave Hunt’s teaching from some 20 years back. What a great blessing, and so on target for today! I pray for all of you at The Berean Call. JD (Canada)

Dear Brethren at the Berean Call,

I thank God for this ministry to continue blessing those with ears to hear the truth. God bless you, brethren, and thank you for the newsletter, which tells me the truth about this world and the many cults and other teachings. May my gift offering help you in any areas that need help. I am giving glory to God for this ministry to help the world understand the truth of the Word of God. I pray that He may bless you abundantly and guard you and keep you. FL (prisoner, PA)

Dear Friends at TBC,

We have appreciated your publications over the years but have been reluctant to support your ministry because of your pre-trib views. This one single false teaching has succeeded in creating a lazy, complacent “church” which has the attitude that “we won’t be here for the Tribulation—so why study?”

Some years ago when my husband shared Matthew:24:29-31 with a young Baptist man, his response was: “Well, if that’s true, I should get a gun and shoot myself right now!” It is no longer “in the last days perilous times shall come,” for perilous times are upon us (2 Tim:3:1). Jesus Himself said, “in the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world” (John:16:33). SB (CT)

Dear Berean Call,

These have been some difficult times.... One thing after another. This pandemic, the protesting, the riots. And through it all, I’ve heard God mentioned very little, next to none. Makes me think of Luke:18:8: “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” This country is falling apart at the seams. Could be a good time to humble ourselves to the Lord (2 Chronicles:7:14). Through all this time I’ve still found each monthly issue of The Berean Call in my mailbox. May God continue to cover your needs. MW (PA)

Dear TBC,

With great enthusiasm did I read your TBC newsletter, acknowledging that by reading it I am [being] well guided by a good Christian organization. I liked the article written in this latest issue. It made my day, as it took me from an occasion of loneliness that I was going through. It was my birthday, and I did not even get a greeting card from anybody.

Then I received The Berean Call, and it changed my atmosphere and took me away from my thoughts as I began reading. My focus was changed to the gift of eternal life. It was a cup of water for my thirsty soul! LC (CA)