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Covid Collateral Damage, 7/14/20, “COVID collateral damage: A third of us stopped going to church” Excerpts]: COVID-19 is infecting more than immune systems, as fear and lockdowns caused by the Chinese virus have kept nearly a third (32%) of practicing Christians in America from attending church in any form … both in-person and online.

The Barna Group’s survey conducted during late April and early May revealed that a similar percentage of practicing Christians have remained loyal to their conventional worship services.

“One in three practicing Christians is still and only attending their pre-COVID church,” Barna reports. “Over half (53%) say they have streamed their regular church online within the past four weeks, [while] another 34% admits to streaming a different church service online other than their own, essentially ‘church hopping’ digitally.

“Commitment extends to frequency of attendance during distancing as well; practicing Christians who stream the same church they attended before COVID-19 are significantly more likely than those who have switched churches to attend on a weekly basis (81% vs. 65%),” researchers discovered.

“It was also found that younger generations of Americans—even though they are at lower risk of having any serious complications from the coronavirus—have been skipping church at greater rates than older generations. Among those responding to the survey, one out of two practicing Christian Millennials are not going to church during the pandemic or attending online.”


Nigerian Christians Silently Suffering, 7/15/20, “Nigeria’s Christians are silently suffering the same fate as Rohingya Muslims” [Excerpts]: A lot has been made in recent weeks of the Black Lives Matter campaign to take down statues, root out racism and defund the police. Yet for all the uproar and at times vandalism, little has been made of the routine slaughter of Nigeria’s Christians and other innocent citizens, who are also black people with valuable lives in the insecurity-ravaged middle-belt and northern regions of the country. 

The International Committee on Nigeria (ICON) recently reported that Boko Haram, whose capture of vulnerable teenage girls such as Leah Sharibu made headlines in 2018, has killed 43,242 Nigerians since 2010. In addition, Fulani jihadists slaughtered 17,284 Nigerians since 2010, bringing the combined total to 60,526. The true number is feared to be far higher owing to mass burnings, chaotic attack aftermaths, disappearances and population displacement.

Many of the tens of thousands of silently slaughtered souls are Christians, as well as Muslims who refuse to go along with the growing Islamist extremist narrative. As UN investigators suggest over 10,000 Rohingya Muslims have been tragically murdered, clearly Nigeria’s unfolding genocide has now surpassed even the horror stories of Burma in recent years.



Evolutionists Struggle To Explain, 7/10/20, “Evolutionists Struggle to Explain Canadian-Australian Connection” [Excerpts]: A new species of a split-footed lacewing was recently unearthed in British Columbia, Canada, creating a bit of controversy among secular paleontologists. All living relatives of this insect reside exclusively in Australia today. So, why are fossils of this insect found in Canada?

Bruce Archibald of Simon Fraser University...tried to explain why in the paper published in The Canadian Entomologist. They even contemplated some type of Canadian-Australian connection.

Archibald added, “Fifty million years ago, sea levels were lower, exposing more land between North America and Asia, and the Atlantic Ocean had not widened, leaving Europe and North America still joined across high latitudes.”

But there was no land connection between Canada and Australia. Secular plate reconstructions have the two continents separated by massive distances of ocean water during the Eocene. Even Flood model reconstructions have North America and Australia on opposite sides of the Earth at this stage in the Flood.

Archibald admitted that “a pattern is emerging that we don’t quite understand yet, but has interesting implications.”