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Dear TBC,

We are surely living in crazy times—the pandemic, the riots, the protesting. Like so many others, I’ve been saying that the world is falling to pieces. Then I heard someone say that the world isn’t falling to pieces—the pieces are just falling into place.

So many have been quoting 2 Chronicles:7:14, yet no one quotes verse 19-20 in that chapter where God talks about plucking those up by the roots who forsook his statutes and commandments. Thanks for keeping me in the Word of God. BM (Iowa)

Dear Tom & Staff,

Concerning your July 2020 newsletter, more specifically the Q&A section, where the questioner asked if “God…puts all the U.S. presidents and vice-presidents in power,” you stated that God is not the “active cause” behind all that happens (I assume the operative word behind that statement is all). I agree. God did not cause the Canaanites to sin, but He did cause the Israelites to come out of Egypt and to destroy them.

You state that God established order, and you quote Paul that each ruler “is the minister of God for good.” Those are obvious truths. Nevertheless, God did not just wind us up like a top and let us go. Indeed, Proverbs:21:1 says, “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever he wishes.” CB (Idaho)

Dear T. A. and Berean Call Staff:

Today, I was getting ready to write a mean letter to someone who really caused me a lot of hurt and pain years ago. Then the mail and your September 2020 issue arrived. I read the first question regarding forgiveness. Timing was perfect. The Holy Spirit got hold of me and I tore up the letter!!! Praise God!

Next, your TBC Notes: “What must I do to be saved?” I use this Scripture continually during prison Bible studies and Sunday School. Perhaps the most important question asked in the Bible is what the jailer asked Paul and Silas. I also continually hint to preachers/teachers that they should use this Scripture more often instead of “feel good” sermons that are so insignificant compared to teaching/preaching on what we should do to be saved—and then explaining what it means to “believe” in Jesus. So many do not understand the spiritual meaning of “BELIEVE IN JESUS.” Thank you! Keep it going! SG (email)

Dear TA and all the TBC co-workers:

Thank you for the Internet postings of TBC video/conference/newsletters, etc. It is such an encouragement for me personally—I am rereading Dave Hunt’s and T. A.’s books. I’m listening again to audios, etc. The Lord has truly helped me through your diligence in standing for the unchanging Word of God. JD (Canada)

Dear Berean Call:

I am not sure how long I have been receiving your material; but it has been a long time. There are not very many others out there doing what you do to inform us fundamentalists and some good “evangelicals” in naming the enemy within. My only complaint is that I feel you should do more to inform us. [Even] pastors of good fundamental churches are increasingly going the wrong way or have some surprising lapses in good doctrine. MO (Canada)