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TBC Staff

Dear Friends,

I started reading the Bible with Genesis and then on to Exodus. It was interesting until I got to the part of all the instructions in the Law. I wasn’t learning how God was working in people’s lives. Then a fellow Christian brother in another cell told me about you guys and lent me the “HRM, part 2,” and I felt some relief.

I read the part where it said “a follower of Christ when trying to live by the Law is in error,” something like that. Basically, it’s the whole second paragraph that made sense to me. That is God, I believe, talking to me. He saw that I had started reading and learning His word and that I was a little discouraged and saw me struggling with the Old Testament Laws and then brought me your guys’ newsletter. Talk about perfect timing! RN (CA, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,

Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for your ministry. In these end times when many bastions of the Christian faith are falling and turning a deaf ear to sound doctrine, it is reassuring and comforting to read your newsletters and know you are firmly grounded and following Christ.

Prison seems to be no different than the outside world as far as those who are getting twisted up in a prideful, “me first” works-based theology. Many men here are attracted to the shiny trappings of learning Hebrew to be saved, or carrying their prayer rugs and facing Mecca 5 time per day....I am saddened when I see these men get caught up in the cults who teach them the “I helped to save myself doctrine.” DC (CO, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,

Thank you so much for your faithful work in posting Dave Hunt’s words of encouragement. You don’t know the full extent of where this goes and how it helps so many people. One day you will.

I honestly can say that Mr. Hunt’s heart is not unlike the heart of King David. I can see that. I was caught up in Calvinism for 47 years of my life. On Nov. 19, 2013, I got down on my knees and asked for [deliverance] from the ways of ungodly men. The Lord’s help was immediate. His promises are true, and He does not fail. He opened my eyes that day and He continues to help me. Thank you again for posting the truth regarding God’s love for ALL of those who have been born in the image of God Almighty. PR (message)

The Berean Team,

[Excerpts] Your articles in most recent months waver from critical to arrogant, such as the continual smear upon what you call Word/Faith, Prosperity, and Healing Preachers. Another scripture comes to mind: “Death and Life is in the power of the tongue and they who indulge in it shall eat the fruit of it” (Proverbs:18:21).

If you were to quote a “Word/Faith preacher” with a scriptural correction, that, from what I understand, is the Berean way. But to generalize, lack[ing] any proof of what you are saying, is judgmental and arrogant. This has become more blatant as the months go by.

Are you making a judgment that all those who follow this branch of the church are unable to discern, as compared to you? VR (CA)