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If anyone desires to live a life of faith and trust in God he must:

1. Not merely say that he trusts in God, but must really do so. Often individuals profess to trust in God, but they embrace every opportunity where they may directly or indirectly tell someone about their need. I do not say it is wrong to make known our financial situation, but it hardly displays trust in God to expose our needs for the sake of getting other people to help us. God will take us at our word....We must be satisfied to stand with Him alone.

2. The individual who desires to live this way must be content, whether he is rich or poor. He must be willing to live in abundance or in poverty. He must be willing to leave this world without any possessions.

3. He must be willing to take the money in God’s way, not merely in large sums but also in small amounts. Many times, I have had a single shilling given to me. To have refused such tokens of Christian love would have been ungracious.

4. He must be willing to live as the Lord’s steward. If anyone does not give out of the blessings which the Lord gives to him, then the Lord, who influences the hearts of His children to give, would soon cause these channels to be dried up. My good income increased even more when I determined that, by God’s help, His poor and His work would be helped by my money. From that time on, the Lord was pleased to entrust me with more.

—George Müller