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Unfathomable, Immeasurable Love

The poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” We’re told that her sonnet was written to her husband. Her words should be a wonderfully encouraging thing to read for those of us who are married. I remember Dave Hunt asking men in his audiences if they had recently told their wives that they loved them. That was something I heard often in the great amount of time I spent with Dave and Ruth. Dave declared his love for Ruth continually, especially in his last years. Ruth, by the way, refused to be treated for cancer so that she could take care of her ailing husband. She soon followed him after he went home to be with their Savior.

It’s beyond tragic that in our day “How do I love thee?” has been superseded by “How do I love me?” Yet that shouldn’t be surprising as a state of affairs prevalent in the world. If Jesus is rejected, then a person’s only hope is self. After Dave would exhort men to tell their wives that they love them, he would ask men and women when they had last told Jesus that they loved Him. When things don’t seem to be going so well and you find yourself disheartened, consider this suggestion. Ask yourself, “How do I love thee Jesus?” And then count the ways, beginning with the gift of eternal life that He has freely given you. The “count” will lose itself in His unfathomable, immeasurable love.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director