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Dear TBC,

I’m in a Baptist church and the pastors preach Calvinism every week and in all their studies. Something doesn't feel right, and although I would happily go on believing as I have for years that God so loved the WORLD…the persistent predominance of this one doctrine above all others every week is grinding me down.

There is much good in the people and the fellowship, but it is frustrating that my path to being useful in ministry is so obviously barred until I acquiesce to the T.U.L.I.P. Anon (email)

Dear TBC,

Thank you TBC [for The Word of God, part 1]. I understand what this means now. In my prior life as a professing Christian who did not live according to the word, I can fully attest to what the sufficiency of God's word means. Everything for life as a Christian is contained in the word. I always believed in the inerrancy of the word but I never submitted to the authority of God's word and thus did not believe in the sufficiency of it. I do now. I now understand what it means to fear him who can destroy both the body and soul in hell. JT (email)