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Ice Age Volcanism Fits Biblical Model, 3/24/22, “Intense Ice Age Volcanism Fits Biblical Model” [Excerpts]: Evidence continues to accumulate that the Genesis Flood caused an ice age lasting hundreds of years.

Creation scientists maintain there are two significant climate factors needed for an ice age. First, warm oceans are needed to increase evaporation, which ultimately generates extra rain near the equator and heavy snowfall in higher latitudes. Such conditions would build ice sheets atop the continents. Second, Earth’s atmosphere must contain enough very small airborne particles and droplets called aerosols to reflect sunlight and keep the ice from melting during warm summer months. These aerosols would be provided by explosive volcanic eruptions, which are known to be capable of causing cooler summers.

Hence, it is interesting that a recent news story stated, “Ice cores drilled in Antarctica and Greenland have revealed gigantic volcanic eruptions during the last ice age.” 

In addition, “Eighty-five of the volcanic eruptions identified by the researchers were large global eruptions. Sixty-nine of these are estimated to be larger than the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia—the largest volcanic eruption in recorded human history. So much sulfuric acid was ejected into the stratosphere by the Tambora eruption that it blocked sunlight and caused global cooling in the years that followed.”

By the way, volcanic cooling is well known. So is there a reason mainstream paleoclimate scientists can’t make better use of it to explain an Ice Age? Yes, there is. Because they believe these volcanic eruptions were separated by many thousands (and even millions) of years, any cooling they caused would be so diluted as to be inconsequential. It is the Bible’s short timescale that makes the straightforward Ice Age explanation possible.

The Biblical Ice Age model requires intense Ice Age volcanism, and these deep ice cores confirm that such volcanism was indeed present.


Mandela’s Grandson Blames Israel for War, 3/24/22, “Mandela’s Grandson Blames Israel for the Ukraine War” [Excerpts]: Nelson Mandela’s grandson, Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela (known as Mandla Mandela), is a convert to Islam, and a man obsessed with the evils of Israel. He’s also a member of South Africa’s National Assembly, where he frequently fulminates against the Jewish state.

Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela blamed “neo-Nazis,” Israel and NATO for the Russian invasion of Ukraine during a conference held by the Pan African Palestinian Solidarity Network in Dakar, Senegal on Saturday, March 19.

There is much for black Africans to do, working in “solidarity” with one another, that has nothing to do with distant “Palestine.” In three African countries—all in West Africa, none very far from Senegal—hundreds of thousands of black Africans remain enslaved to Arab masters. In Mali, there are 200,000; in Mauritania, there are 680,000, and in Niger, there are 900,000 black slaves.

None of this interests Mandla Mandela, who would not want to bring the world’s attention to black slaves and Arab masters. It would only confuse people, who should save their indignation for the Palestinians and their tormentors, the Jews of Israel.


Ohio Priest Who Denied Pope Francis Went “Viral”, 8/25/21, “Why an Ohio Priest Who Denied Pope Francis Went ‘Viral’” [Excerpts]: Video of a priest’s testimony at the Ohio statehouse Tuesday has gone viral on social media, after the priest told a state legislature committee that he doesn’t recognize Pope Francis as the valid pope…. In one video clip, the priest said that he doesn’t recognize Francis because “you have to be a Catholic to be the pope.”

In another clip, the priest said of Francis that “there are many clergy, bishops around the world who have simply have looked at the obvious…. it’s a simple basic principle of Catholic theology—you can’t be the head of the Church if you don’t profess the Catholic faith.”

[TBC: Nevertheless, the “Catholic faith” is works salvation, which is diametrically opposed to the biblical gospel of salvation.]