Question: Can "eternal truth" be found in all religions? |

TBC Staff
Question: Many scholars from non-Christian religions (with the obvious exception of Islam) teach that “eternal truth” can be found in all religions. How do you respond to that?
Response: Did God in the Old Testament ever suggest that Israel be open to hearing or seeing “rays of light” among worshipers of Baal? Did Jesus in the New Testament, or Paul or Peter or anyone else in Scripture, ever suggest that there is “truth” in any religion that worships someone other than the one true God? No! In the Old Testament, God constantly warned the Israelites against intermarrying with the heathen tribes and corrupting their worship with false idolatry. In the New Testament, Christ, Paul, and others warned that they “come out” from the world, renouncing and avoiding corrupting influence. Much of the deception in the world today by Satan begins with small kernels of “truth” that seem harmless, but eventually require a step in the wrong direction, leading one away from the true God.