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Dear Brothers/Sisters in Christ,

May God be with each one of you and keep you safe. Always glad to get your newsletter. Every time it makes me think of Dave Hunt. I so enjoyed him. Love to each of you as we look for Jesus daily. MN (OH)

Dear Tom and the Berean Call staff,

I [appreciate] your faithfulness to God’s Word and His work, which is so much needed in this hour of confusion in the world. Satan has his hold on so many in power who in their defiance want to delete the Lord God from the world and to put man on the pedestal of worship. We desperately need the faithful work of organizations like the Berean Call to communicate the truth found in God’s Word.

We’ve been receiving your newsletter for more than 30 years and no matter what church options we’ve had, we’ve always been guided by [the] Lord’s Word explained so capably by Dave Hunt and now by you through the essential teachings of TBC. We had the privilege of hearing Dave speak in person twice in the late 1980s in Nebraska and we were overwhelmed by his heart for the Lord and his vast knowledge and tremendous ability to make Scripture clear. We’ve benefitted all these many years from reading and re-reading the articles and books and viewing and re-viewing audios and videos we’ve accumulated from the Berean Call. My all-time favorite book is In Defense of the Faith, which I try to re-read annually. Thank you for nurturing our souls through God’s Word. TS (NE)

Dear TBC,

It’s crazy and sobering to think on the days that are now. Equally amazing is how fully our Lord provides [in these times]. About 19 years ago my father in law put me onto your work. I bought all the C.D. sets of Dave and Tom—still have them in the original binders and in all those I learned much about searching, asking, thinking and discerning.

Our Lord’s Word is so thorough pointing me to Him and His holiness, but also His very practical side in guiding us through life in the fullness of His ways. The last 2 years it has opened opportunity for fellowship and a step up in prayer is showing Himself strong on our behalf. Thank you for your part in all this. JS (ID)

Dear TBC,

Oh, my! [In the TBC Daily Update https://bit.ly/3zkUqAl] you “spelled” it out exactly! We “switched” churches about 2 years ago for that very reason. Instead of a large church that the article described with loud music, coffee available and a series of sermonettes—plus a huge background of changing views of oceans, bright colors etc. (the one who “started” the church many years ago would be astonished if he saw it today). We now attend a small church in a town close by—attendance is about 100. It is a church focused on worship and scripture—and, a special ministry to children with emphasis on memorization of Bible verses! We love it! Anon. (email)

Dear TBC,

I am currently reading The Seduction of Christianity. I was a small kid when this book was written in the 80s, [and] it describes the deception that I’ve experienced throughout my life and that is rampant in the Christian church today. I came out of the New Age movement, and it is disheartening to see the same occultism being accepted in the church. I am thankful for the writings of Dave Hunt and McMahon correctly identifying the deceitful and wicked “doctrines of demons” that are being masked as “new movements” or revivals in the church. The faces may be changed but it’s still the same original lie. KS (email)