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T. A. McMahon

Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

I just returned from my high school class reunion. The special event celebrated 60 years since our class graduated and it was my first time attending the alumni function. Some were aware that I was a Hollywood screenwriter, but none knew that I have been involved in Christian ministry for the last 40 years. That surprised, even shocked, my classmates, and blew open the doors of how that took place in my life. I was the lone Catholic in my country school, so the Gospel had to be explained each time as I answered their questions about my transformation. That was followed by my preaching on Sunday at Calvary Chapel Portsmouth, Ohio. The message included my testimony and the necessity of the Word of God in our lives. Definitely a huge answer to the prayers for my trip. Even so, continue to pray that God’s Word will land on fertile soil and bear much fruit.

We are excited for the upcoming TBC Conference. Having previewed the videos and knowing the messages of the speakers whose presentations will be live, it’s going to be a wonderful blessing. Again, we covet your prayers.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director