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Bill Nye Gets Labeled “the Sellout Guy”, 4/21/22, “Bill Nye Gets Labeled ‘the Sellout Guy’” [Excerpts]: Bill Nye recently did a voice-over for a three-minute animated infomercial...discussing Coca-Cola’s new recycling campaign. Now Bill and I (again) may disagree on man-made climate change, but both of us would agree that recycling plastics (and aluminum, paper, and steel) are good things, whether from a secular view or from a biblical stewardship position. But because of the culture we live in now, some liberals are attacking Bill as a sellout.

The infomercial is fairly straightforward, discussing what happens to different materials when they go to various recycling centers. Bill explains that it is important to close the loop: in other words, to make (in this case) plastic bottles completely from recycled materials or to repurpose that plastic for other uses.... Now we acknowledge that recycling plastic will never eliminate any new plastic being made, as recycling can only be done a limited number of times before it is unusable.

But less pollution and less garbage are good things and represent environmental and biblical stewardship of resources. But that’s just not good enough for the climate alarmists, who [use] such endearing terms as “Shill Nye the plastic guy” and “sellout guy” to disparage his involvement.

Perhaps Bill will now see that the radical climate change alarmists want nothing less than the elimination of all businesses that they deem “harmful” to the environment. And eventually that would cripple nations, cause massive inflation, bankrupt countries and individuals, and ultimately starve people. It’s obvious that Bill doesn’t agree with this destructive course of action, and he’s been castigated for that position. Maybe this will serve to remind Bill that the “science” is not settled and never will be. But there is a book that tells of someone much better to put your faith in—the Lord Jesus Christ.

Top Ten Jew-Hating Colleges and Universities, 4/25/22, “The Top Ten Jew-Hating Colleges and Universities” [Excerpts]: It is no coincidence that Jewish students and organizations on many campuses have sought to have their universities adopt the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, and also no coincidence that their efforts have been universally and violently opposed by members of Students for Justice in Palestine and other anti-Jewish campus hate groups. SJP knows that they openly and flagrantly participate in and promote Jew hatred on a daily basis.

The report [issued] exposes the pervasive Jew hatred that exists at ten prominent American universities.... While we believe these ten campuses to be the worst of the worst, the sad truth is that Jew hatred exists and is increasing on hundreds if not thousands of campuses across America.

The campus terrorist movement is led by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association. Over a dozen former members of the Muslim Students Association—including several former chapter presidents—have gone on to hold positions in terrorist organizations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Students for Justice in Palestine and other campus purveyors of Jew hatred are officially recognized by their university administrations. This means they are given privileges denied to non-officially recognized groups [and] they receive all these benefits despite the fact that they violate official “community principles” which insist on respect for other students and campus diversity.

Islamic Attack on Jews in Berlin: Media Silent, 4/24/22, “Attack on Jews by Islamist mob in the middle of Berlin–and German mainstream media remain silent” [Excerpts]: At a protest by Palestinians in Berlin, a reporter is insulted by the jeering crowd as a “dirty Jew,” then kicked.

The police intervene because the Bild [newspaper] employee is also being kicked; the officers take him to safety. But the inflammatory rants continue—the German executive allows it all to happen.

Even hours later, coverage in Germany of this disgusting case of anti-Semitism is sparse: the Bild newspaper at least reports on its web portal by posting a video, but the so-called mainstream quality media apparently do not want to take up this massive problem of Germany in a big way.