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Dear Berean Call,
I just read the [October] article about Rick Warren’s 12-Steps program. I have been a Christian for 34 years and [believed]...that 12 Steps were OK....After 12 years in them, being very successful in the eyes of other 12-Steppers, the Lord Jesus Christ showed up in my life in a powerful way by, after me confessing my sins in deep repentance, forgiving me of my sins, and I was healed of so-called addictions in an instant. When I showed up at the next 12-Steps meeting, I could feel I was spiritually different than what was in that room and I have never gone back....The Holy Spirit led me to scripture after scripture that contradicted what I had learned and taught as a sponsor and speaker for years in “Christian” 12-Steps programs. No matter what anyone says....Those men [who started AA] never professed to be Christians, never taught anyone they were Christians, and the organization Bill Wilson belonged to was not Christian....I am set free from 12-Steps programs! DF (email)

Dear Berean Call,
Having grown up going to Al-Anon meetings with my mom, AA and NA with my dad, and forced to go to ACA and a shrink a few times (as early as five years old), your October issue really struck a nerve....By the grace of God, He spared me and protected my mind from believing all the junk they taught.... Unfortunately, it helped destroy my parents’ marriage, with all the unbiblical ways to deal with life.... My dad [finally] figured out that he didn’t need AA anymore, just Jesus. The sad thing is, I have heard pastors recommend AA all the time.... Hopefully, your letter will reach people and the scales will be removed from their eyes! SE (NV)

Mr. Hunt,
For about the past 11⁄2 years you have been bellyaching about Calvinism. You even wrote a book about it, and now, in your last “newsletter,” you went on a tirade telling about all the terrible doctrines of Calvinism. But nothing you said is true— there is not one word in what you claim I believe (as a Calvinist) that I do believe! Nor do I know any other Calvinist who believes these things....Jesus believed and taught Calvinism and so did Paul. What is your problem, and why preach against the truth? If you don’t mind, please send my next “newsletter” to the dump where all good garbage belongs. AP (OR)

Dear Sirs,
For the last year or so, I have not been attending church...though I had for my whole life. I am convinced and reassured by our Lord Jesus Christ of my salvation, but the verse that says [not to] give up meeting together has been on my mind. It has been a rough year...because of my reasons for skipping church...pastors and elders who have only their own greedy or “feel good” agendas in mind, and not the pure truth of the Bible or the good of their congregation. MV (Canada)

Dear Tom, Dave, and Staff,
I was saved last year through your ministry and came out of a cult church and religion....[I am] incarcerated and many of the other men began asking me questions about the Bible. This led us to having Bible studies...each weeknight, and since then over 60 men have been saved....I now have between 30 and 40 men attending my Bible studies each night right here in jail....Four of the guards came to my cell asking questions [who] have received the Lord Jesus Christ right there in my cell....I have had men write me after being released to tell me how they are now going to church and God has put them and their families back together. I give God the praise and glory. DF (prisoner, SC)

Thank you for continuing to declare the truth in love. While you who are not of the world must expect persecution by the world, it must be disappointing to realize how much of the “church” is of the world. Your clarity is appreciated; it stands in the light of the Word. DL (FL)

Dear Dave,
From a tender age, I knew Jesus Christ as my Savior; however, throughout my life, I realized that something was missing. I wanted to be like Paul and Silas, who could sing and praise God even while incarcerated. I wanted “rivers of living water to flow from within me” (John:7:38). I sought God with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind, and He answered my plea and gave me the desire of my heart....I have never ceased to bless, praise, and glorify Him since then. Your article, “Bless the Lord” (Sep ’05) reminded me of all this. NG (TX)

Dave and Tom,
Thank you for keeping us informed on crucial issues. Praise God, His Word is settled in heaven and man cannot destroy it. It grieves my heart that faithful men of God are being taken in, as you stated in the last newsletter. EK (PA)