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www.ninesteppagans.faithweb. com/main.htm: NINE-STEP PAGANS: RECOVERY WITH A DIFFERENCEInitiated as a Pagan-friendly (but not other-exclusive) alternative to Judeo-Christian-oriented recovery groups, Nine-Step an organization of individuals who recognize in themselves a tendency toward addiction or unhealthily compulsive behaviors and a desire to overcome this tendency. For the purpose of the organization, Nine-Step Pagans, the noun “Pagan” refers to a person whose faith and worship includes a deep, abiding respect and love for the Creation of which humans are a part, and a desire to live in well-balanced relationship with self and the rest of the natural world.

The Nine-Step Freedom Trail: 1) We came to feel enslaved by excessive behaviors which were harmful to us, throwing our health and relationships out of balance through addictions, compulsions, or both. 2) We realized that resources were available to help us win our freedom, if we were willing to use them. 3) We became willing to reach out for help, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 4) We sought help from our Deities, fellow humans, healers, clergy, groups, or whatever source necessary, to aid us toward freedom and health. 5) We established a pattern of life-affirming behaviors, avoiding the sorts of isolation which would make us vulnerable to relapses, creating a foundation of supports which could help us recover from whatever lapses we might have. 6) We considered, acknowledged, and took full responsibility for the harm we had done to others and ourselves in the time of our slavery. 7) We considered and discussed with a neutral adult, the harm we had done, and how we might make restitution or otherwise restore balance, facing the fact that in some situations no direct redress was possible. 8) Where possible, and using whatever supports necessary, we endeavored to restore balance in those situations and relationships previously harmed by our servitude to addiction or compulsion. 9) Remaining constructively vigilant in our self-regard, we continued to grow strong in health and freedom, eventually becoming a source of support for others seeking to bring their own lives into healthy balance.

The invaluable influence of Alcoholics Anonymous, and the 12 Steps of that organization, is gratefully acknowledged.

[TBC: What can we conclude? The 12-Steps (even reduced by 3!) therapy works for Pagans seeking help from their “Deities.” However, there is no evidence that any 12-Steps program works any better than no therapy at all, no matter what “higher power” is invoked.]