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McMahon, T.A.

GREAT (time of ministry in) BRITAIN

By the grace of our Lord I had a wonderful time of preaching and teaching in England and Wales. Arriving just after the Olympics ended, I spoke at numerous fellowships, from Saltburn and Manchester in the north to Dartmoor and Southhampton in the south, finishing in London before leaving for home. I was thrilled to minister to 170 (mostly young adults) at Truth 4 Youth in the moors of Devon. They were an enthusiastic audience for the Word of God as taught by my friends Carl Kerby, Paul Wilkinson, and Tim Palmer.

Although Dave Hunt has retired from ministry, his legacy continues to bless people around the world. Folks drove multiple hours in many cases because of their love for Dave and the ministry; I’m very thankful for the opportunities to represent him and The Berean Call. Please pray especially that God will enable us at TBC to reach the upcoming generation with the writings and teachings that the Lord has graced Dave to produce in his many years of fruitful ministry.

T. A. McMahon
Executive Director