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Dear Friends,
To my surprise, a fellow inmate gave me three years’ worth of newsletters from you—he is leaving and thought I might be able to use them. He was right! I am an inmate and run an apologetics class. The prison that I am at allows certain classes as long as they help. It’s the only one to do so, and praise God for them! I often remind the inmates to respect the staff and not to complain, and it’s working! JP (AZ, prisoner)

Dear T. A.,
I had purchased that book [The Harbinger] and as I read it I felt that it was strange. I’m glad you wrote about it because it answered my questions. Thank you so for your faithfulness. LK (MN)
Dave Hunt,
In token of the uninterrupted Christian Tradition, it would be well to inform you that the Catholic Church made the Bible and determined what books would go into the Bible. The Bible is a Catholic Document that was, unfortunately, pillaged and plundered by the protestant community as a vestige from the Church. The Church is the Authentic Interpreter and Guardian of Scripture. Additionally, it is on the trust that the protestant confessions have in the Church’s Infallibility and authority that you accept the scriptures (which you reduced and corrupted) as inspired. The self-appointed “ministers” of the Protestants are well known for their disagreements, contradictions, and disunity. This is the fruit of private interpretation, for private interpretation is interpreting scripture in whatever way…the imagination or personal convenience may dictate.
The condition of those bodies, which at the time of the Revolt forsook the Church, affords us an object lesson in point. Divided into various sections and parties, they were the scene of never-ending disputes; and by the nature of the case they are cut off from all hope of attaining to certainty. Protestantism is ever a prey of party disputes, dissensions, and rivalries. There are over 50,000+ denominations in the Protestant false religion and each disagrees with the other on the most fundamental points of doctrine. They cannot agree and keep dividing and subdividing by the year. Their only similarity appears to be their opposition to the Church. Today the divisions and subdivisions of Protestantism are too well known to need comment…. Protestantism is a man made religion that is hopelessly inconsistent and illegitimate in nature….There is absolutely No Salvation Outside of the Catholic Church: Protestants are Heretics. MW (email)
Dear Dave,
Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in getting the TRUTH out to us in these evil last days. It is such an encouragement. The “Emerging Church”—where is it emerging from? Certainly not from the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! Quite the opposite! CB (MA)
Dear T. A.,
I just finished the [July] issue of The Berean Call. Wonderful! The explanation about Catholic beliefs was succinct and very helpful. I just wonder about readers who take TBC to task over its critique of fictional materials. If we were all reading the Scriptures, instead of [these] offerings…there wouldn’t be anything to argue over, would there? I do so appreciate and thank TBC…for your wise counsel, which is based solely on the Word of God. CS (email)
T. A.,
RE: “Roman Catholics: The Neighborhood Mission Field.” As one saved out of Catholicism in 1981, all I can say is “Amen!” Only by God’s grace did I realize the RC was not the answer…. In a small Bible church in southern New Jersey I heard the gospel for the first time…. Convicted of my sin, I was born again, and, like you, I have a heart for those enslaved by Rome. KS (email)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
I just want to thank you so much for your book, What Love Is This? I recently ordered it because although I have been a believer for over forty years, I have recently been hearing more and more Christians justifying all sorts of tragedies and consequences of sin as examples of “God’s sovereignty.” In addition, on a recent trip to a women’s retreat, a Christian sister started a discussion with me, then when I disagreed with her beliefs on limited salvation, [she] accused me of being an Arminian! Although I assured her that I didn’t even know what he believed and that my beliefs were based on scriptures such as John:3:16, I decided I’d better learn more about Calvinism. I am especially shocked that the Southern Baptists are starting to embrace this doctrine and push it! I wonder how many know about early Calvinist persecutions of their own beliefs? I’m afraid that so many have their beliefs based on teachers rather than on the word of God itself. Thank you for such a well-researched book that will help me…my husband…and my college-age daughters to better defend the true character of God. RB (email)
Dear Dave and Tom,
I have taken up Dave’s admonition and what the Holy Spirit revealed about what I must do to be right with the Lord Jesus. I am taking up my cross and following after Jesus! I am also taking the Apostle Paul’s advice and seeing about “glorying in my infirmities.” I used to gripe and complain about my lot in my Christian life but I will praise the Lord and remember Romans:8:28 from now on! PW (FL)
Dear Dave and staff,
Your newsletter is always a blessing to us. The modern churches seem to be [falling] more and more into apostasy. We have now here in Puerto Rico, a man who was a pastor and now is saying that he is Christ in the flesh who came for the second time and there is no more sin and Satan does not exist anymore!! You are alerting the church of Christ constantly to focus on God’s Word and Jesus, our source of all truth. L&IF (PR)
[Regarding the NewsWatch article about children being a distraction.] Parents who allow their children to be disruptive are the ones who need to be chastised for being so selfish and inconsiderate toward the members of the congregation who are there for the right reasons, as well as new people who are earnestly seeking to join a body of believers who are walking with the Lord.  These selfish, overly indulgent parents should consider a playground on Sunday mornings instead.
Second, regarding your relentless assault of Jonathan Cahn, I wonder what your real agenda is here.  I didn’t see anywhere near this much vitriol when that garbage called The Shack came out. Shame on you and your arrogance. RE (email)
Dear Mr. McMahon,
Mr. Cahn boasts of the selling of his book and the wide support from Christian leaders to it. To that I say that selling of any book means nothing about its quality, truth, or similar; the serial of Harry Potter (the magician boy) has sold a lot too….
Any book that enhances the dear and long-held belief regarding the founding fathers will always be bought, and promoted, by many U.S. Christians….
If many readers have called The Harbinger the best book they ever read outside of the Bible, as Mr. Cahn claims, it is because they have not read good spiritual Christian authors, such as Bounds, Murray, Tozer, and others, so they are thrilled with this new appealing best-selling one. It is understandable that U.S. Christians, who see their flag from birth to burial, make a pledge to it [from] childhood, and hear/sing the national anthem often…tend to love the nationalistic ideas displayed in The Harbinger.  So, people who are against that book may be called jealous, judgmental, unloving and even anti-American. Anyway, Fil. [Phil.] 3:20 says that our…citizenship is in Heaven, that is, not a country of this world. Since the prince of this world (nations) is the Devil, sooner or later there are certain clashes between the interests of both citizenships….
Recently I saw a documentary on one Spanish TV channel about Washington, D.C.  It said: “following masonic rites on October 13th, 1792, George Washington set the first stone of the White House, but he never lived in it”;  “in the town (one called Alexandria) is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial…with a big statue of him inside.... In the paintings (inside) are shown the masonic rituals celebrated when the first stone of the Capitolio was set”;   (French general) “La Fayette gave to George Washington the key which opened the Bastille” (in Paris, which capture is considered the trigger of the French masonic-inspired revolution).
Apart from this documentary, several monuments in Washington, D.C., and history books point out the masonic belief of Mr. Washington and other founding fathers. If some people, even so, want to keep believing in the delusion of Christian founding fathers who wanted to found a Christian nation, it is up to them.  I know it is hard to change a dear belief, especially if it is spiritually related, after being held as a dear truth for very long, but we should embrace truth, no matter how hard it is. AM (email)
Greetings to all Berean Call Staff,
My life truly was blessed with the very first newsletter that I received in September 1996. As a new believer (January 1996) all I wanted was to know God—the God who lives in Heaven! That was in my heart daily as I called out to God, “LORD, I want to know You,” while praying the scriptures….
God’s word became stored in my heart…but I also needed guidance and direction—not to be misled by false teaching….As I steadfastly prayed God’s word—believing—He led me to one of Dave Hunt’s books—A Woman Rides the Beast. Stated inside the front cover: a FREE monthly newsletter available upon request. That was my answer! I jumped on it! God does hear prayer! The monthly newsletter and the many books by Dave and others and Tom’s writings—guided me—to the Word of God…. O, Blessed be God, my Savior! TS (IL)
Dear T. A. and Dave,
The article, “Are We Too Negative?” (TBC, August 2012) was so convicting on the vital need in the church today for Christians to discern the false, pseudo-Christian teachings being promoted as biblical that I was prepared to thank T. A. for writing the article. I then realized Dave wrote it 21 years ago and that it’s even more applicable today than it was then. Thanks, Dave, for your timeless wisdom and teaching for the church of Jesus Christ all these years. OF (CA)
Dear Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon,
Thank you for your unfailing faithfulness in holding true to and proclaiming the Word of God without compromise. I know it doesn’t bring you great popularity in this era of compromising Christianity, but there are many of us who are truly thankful for you and others like you. Thank you for not shying away from using your God-given gift of discernment to warn and to bless the body of Christ. If it weren’t for men like you I don’t know what kind of stupid tangent I would have been lured into in this day of tremendous spiritual deception and apostasy….You may take a lot of flack for it here and now, but great will be your reward in heaven.
I pray for you, your families, and the ministry of TBC and all who are involved with it. Please be encouraged to keep on keeping on. With so much deception in the church, often so beautifully packaged and endorsed by the biggest names in Christianity, it takes a great deal of vigilance and discernment to stay on top of it all. It would be almost impossible for each individual to do all the research that would be required to be properly informed about all these things. So we in the body of Christ who sincerely desire to be true to our Lord, and not to be misled, really need ministries like yours, and I, for one, give thanks for you always. AP (Canada)
Dearest Dave and T. A.,
I pray for God’s blessings on you both.
T. A., I have just finished watching [Caryl Matrisciana’s video] Wide Is the Gate, volume 1. This is one of the most important, definitive resources for Christian leaders, Bible teachers, pastors, etc., that I have ever seen….I plan to give as many of these away as possible, both volumes 1 and 2.
I received my copies of Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny and will get those into the hands of my pastor, our church library, and to another young earth creation ministry.
I have been amazed in the past year at the powerful—really powerful—resources coming out of so many ministries….I will never be able to fathom the depth of God’s mercy and long-suffering for us, but it does seem that some sort of boundary has been crossed, and as the world becomes more and more perverse, God’s message is becoming more and more powerful.
I do pray for you both, your families, and the ministry God has given you. GH (AZ)