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Brother Bereans,
Please accept my thanks for your wonderful gift of three books, which included When Will Jesus Come? I am most grateful as I share these with other inmates and as we study the one and only true doctrine, which is the Word of God, found in His Holy Bible. Although our group is very small (four persons) we do check all things with the Bible and if it is not in the Bible, we do not heed it....God bless all of you! RW (NJ, prisoner)

Dear Berean Call,
In a world full of darkness and distractions from the Truth, your newsletters help to show the light of God and to make light the paths we travel. I am a single, working guy just out of college, and sometimes my days become consumed with the trials of my new career. When I read your letters, it repositions my focus and perspective and inspires me to dig into the Word more. It is truly amazing to see the works and plan of God during these Last Days, which I truly believe they are. May we all pray that we (Christians)...continually place our focus on heavenly things, which will reside with us for eternity! JW (OR)

Dear Brother McMahon,
You, T. A. McMahon, will be held accountable for each and every Believer in Christ Jesus (man, woman or child) that commits self-murder as the result of your heretical teaching that promises [that] the Christian suicide victim will only lose some of their heavenly "rewards" but not their eternal "salvation." You, T. A. McMahon, will be tried and sentenced as the murderer of each and every self-murdered person who believed in your damnable lie. Their blood will be on your hands, T. A. McMahon, and the burning flames of Hell will be your everlasting reward for all eternity! BH (TX)

Dear T. A.,
I came to the website tonight feeling despondent about the most recent "crises" in Washington....After watching this latest drama unfold, it was clearly evident to me that there will be no changing government, and that our votes, our voices, or anything else, is wasted on the corruption machine in place over this land. I was looking for God to speak to me through a newsletter, and boy, did He through your series on "The Temporal Delusion"! I am embarrassed to say that I had received all three of these newsletters, but I'd put them in the "To Read" pile, and had never gotten back [to them]. I know that God has our "education and rebuking" in His perfect timing for us individually, because He's used The Berean Call to enlighten me on many occasions....I am justly reprimanded for letting my gaze focus on earthly things and wonderfully inspired to change the direction of that gaze to where it belongs. In a few days I will begin sending a monthly contribution to TBC, which I consider an investment in one of the last true evangelistic organizations that we have defending the faith and instructing the flock. This humbled sheep thanks you. SJ (KY)

Dear Dave,
I found out that a new friend believes that the Rapture was in 70 A.D. I told her that I was going to do some research [and] I ended up watching you on YouTube. I am also reading a very yellowed copy of a book titled Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust. I got it [from] a big church library. I did not pay attention to the man's name from YouTube. Halfway through your book I went back to the internet....This is when I discovered that the same man that helped me to understand where my new friend was coming from is still joyfully serving today. Thank you, Dave, for your hard work. PH (email)

Brother Dave,
I have just finished reading your book Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. This is a literary masterpiece....I rarely read anything but the Word of God and my monthly copy of Israel My Glory. But I could not put your book down until I had finished it. It is so interesting, especially to a power engineer such as myself. It really answers the question that Zophar put to Job (11:7): "By searching dost thou find out God?" The subjects of space travel (and the futility of it!), the "miracle" of DNA, and the completely hopeless size of the probabilities against a chance occurrence of it being "accidentally" formed, held my attention all the way through....

Congratulations on such a thorough treatise on the subject of atheism. The table-turning and putting it into the category of a baseless religion tickled my funny bone, except for the fact that Satan has so blinded the eyes of this world that they will NOT believe! Praise be to God for His marvelous GRACE in revealing Himself to us, who were no more enlightened than poor Mr. Dawkins, except for the Spirit of God that revealed the wonderful salvation available through the death of our Lord Jesus Christ! GA (Canada)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
Years ago, I had wandered away from the Christian faith [in which] my wonderful parents had raised me, far down the path of the occult-Silva Mind Control, Unity, Eastern philosophy, and yoga. I was so confused and unhappy. One day the Lord led me quite miraculously to The Seduction of Christianity-it was on a table full of New Age books for sale! The moment I opened it, I knew I was supposed to read it. Your wonderful book set me on the right path again, and The Berean Call newsletter and other books have kept me there. I just want you to know how much your ministry has meant to me. God bless you. TH (TX)

Dear Dave,
I have been saved for twelve years. Although I do not agree with everything you teach, I wanted to let you know that no other person has had more of an impact on my understanding, love, and passion for Jesus and His Word than yourself. BC (email)

Hello Dave,
You know, you are one of only a few who call out the Freemasons. I have read their founding document and most of their sages. I have to come down on the side of this is not Christian in the Jesus sense of the word. Something about serving two masters for starters....I thought for a while I was on the outside until I started reading your articles. My wife and I have been Bereans for so long, and just didn't have the label. God bless you-you are used of God. GK (email)

Dave and Tom,
I am one also who believes strongly in defending the truth. Unfortunately, even strong Bible-believing churches are complacent about the apostasy coming into the church. It grieves me that it is so easy to lose the focus on the true Gospel of salvation to compromise with other churches for the sake of unity and ecumenical causes. I also found myself compromising for the sake of feeding the poor by handing out literature to give them places to eat, etc. Though it seems like a small thing the true Gospel of Jesus Christ can become clouded and it can enable people to become complacent in sin, due to their physical needs being met at the possible expense of the spiritual needs. Thank you so much for being strong in the LORD by defending the faith. I also, by God's grace, need to be more diligent...to keep the focus on the true Gospel of Grace. Thank you for all your encouragement through [the] years. MG (CA)

Dear Dave,
I have a 19-year old son who is very influenced by atheism to the point that he wants to convert his parents from their "fairy tale" beliefs. So he gave me a number of books by his favorite authors to read and discuss. I agreed to read these books by Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, etc., in hopes of being able to communicate with him on his own level.

First I felt angry and offended because of the way God is being aggressively attacked by this new atheist movement but then, to my surprise, I found myself coming very close to doubting my own faith. So, for the past two years I have been reading different works by Christian authors in order to find answers to my own questions, to little avail.

A couple of months ago my friend gave me a book by Dave Hunt titled Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. I am not halfway through this book yet, and I know quite well that every question I had has been addressed powerfully and right to the point.

I'd like to convey my deepest gratitude, and I hope that one day [this book] will be used as an instrument to enlighten the minds of many.  EZ (email)

Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you, thank you for your faithfulness in informing and encouraging your readers. Quickly the darkness is increasing, but the Light and Truth continue to shine-forever!

The increase in size and content of The Berean Call is timely with the increase of events politically, culturally, and spiritually.The "Letters" section is always interesting, especially the letters from prisoners, their faith and practice.

East Wind by Ruth and Trapped in Hitler's Hell by Jan Markell were absorbing to read. We need to remember their experiences, their faith and courage. This can happen again and we even sense it coming. We need to spiritually prepare....May you both have the health and strength needed to continue your ministry. PL (WA)

Dear Dave, Tom, and Staff,
Thank you all so much for all you are doing and have done to help the body of Christ. Your special issue [March 2011] was great. The answers in the Q&A were the best yet. Also, the message on Glenn Beck...showing people how the enemy deceives us.

For years you have been faithful, getting the message out to those who will hear. May our Lord keep each of you strong. Keep your eyes on our Lord despite the persecution. I don't do computers so, please, keep sending me Berean Call. I can't wait for the next one! JM (IN)

Dear Tom, Dave & Berean Call Staff,
We thank you for the newsletter, which continues to be read from cover to cover. What an eye-catching cover you had on the...March issue!

We have been viewers of Glenn Beck's program and knew he professes to embrace the Mormon faith. We pray for his salvation. We believe he is aware of evil, however, his co-authorship with Keith Ablow reveals his lack of Bible doctrine and [the] pure gospel of Jesus Christ. We have made copies of your article on Beck and are sharing it with others. God bless you as you spread the Word of God in these last days. Maranatha! J&KK (PA)

Dear Dave, Tom, and All,
Thank you for your faithfulness. We appreciate your newsletter, as well as your Facebook messages. In this day of rampant apostasy your scholarship and invaluable erudition have served to anchor our hearts in precious Scripture. When we consider many in our own families who have followed after popular heresies we are blessed and particularly humbled to have been introduced to your books and teachings over the last 20+ years. God bless you all. P&CL (GA)

Dear Dave and Tom,
F. B. Meyer said, "Goodness is not benevolent and kind but genuine and true." When one does not want to hear correction he can easily consider one harsh and cold. I am 85 years old and have received The Berean Call since its inception. I've never considered it "cold intolerance" but, like the Bereans, "searched the scriptures to see if these things are so." It is good to know there are watchmen on the wall to warn us of the danger ahead...they can see farther than we can. I know it is not pleasant having to always be calling attention to things in our lives...that we need to be watchful of or repenting of. If it's for my good and I'm willing to forsake it, then I'm thankful. But if I don't want to be told something is not right, I can easily say "you're judging me and are cold and intolerant."

So it depends on which we choose to be "benevolent and kind" or "genuine and true." I prefer the latter, even though the Word of God is like a two-edged sword, exposing what I didn't know...was a hindrance to my spiritual walk with my Lord and Savior....I have said it many times before and I'll say it again: Thank God for The Berean Call. JW (KY)

Dave, Tom, and All at Berean Call,
You came thru again right when I needed you! A lady at church had given me the best seller Heaven Is for Real and I had just finished it when the May Berean Call arrived. I was struggling with my own questions, and, as always, your article made sense and gave me the guidance I needed.

I don't think God wants us to know everything about heaven until we go there to stay. The Bible tells what we are to know, and we should not bypass it just to feed our minds with what may be Satan misleading us. I tried to plant this seed with my church but they are sold on believing the book.

Thank you, Berean Call, for being true to God and the Bible. God will reward you someday for all the persecution you have to endure. When it is time, God will show us all that heaven is, and it will be perfect and wonderful. JM (KY)