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Quotable quotable Sep 1998 Ryle, J.C.
Question: [Y]our defamation of [the popes] does not square with your profession of belief in the gospel....It would be comforting to believe that Catholics might anticipate a public apology from you. question and answer Sep 1998 TBC Staff
The Spirit of Antichrist feature article Sep 1998 Hunt, Dave
The Best Deal feature article Oct 1998 McMahon, T.A.
Quotable quotable Oct 1998 Various
Question: While I agree with you that psychology has created more problems for the church than anyone could number, nevertheless I think there are some areas of the field that can be helpful. What do you think? question and answer Oct 1998 TBC Staff
Question: What can you tell me about Our Lady of Guadalupe? How much truth is there in the story that the Virgin Mary appeared to someone in Latin America? question and answer Oct 1998 TBC Staff
Question: I’ve noticed that you have appeared as speaker at conferences along with women speakers. Doesn’t this go against the biblical injunction that women are not to teach men? question and answer Oct 1998 TBC Staff
Question: What are your thoughts on Christians who take their own lives, and what will happen to them? question and answer Oct 1998 TBC Staff
Question: I know that I’ll be in heaven, but I still have a fear of the moment of death, the process of dying. Can you help me? question and answer Oct 1998 TBC Staff
Y2K and Bible Prophecy feature article Nov 1998 Hunt, Dave
Quotable quotable Nov 1998 Lloyd-Jones, Martyn, Newton, John
Question: I am writing in response to your article about the “Spirit of Antichrist.” There are two statements that I find patently wrong.... question and answer Nov 1998 TBC Staff
Question: You write, “[the Antichrist] is almost certainly alive right now,” and, “We believe that the the next event on the prophetic calendar, and that it must occur very soon.” Why do you believe this? question and answer Nov 1998 TBC Staff
Question: Our grandson and some of his friends from church seem to be obsessed with the Star Wars film series. They trade Star Wars cards and play Star Wars games. I don’t feel good about it but don’t know why. Can you give me some information? question and answer Nov 1998 TBC Staff
Quotable quotable Dec 1998 Tozer, A W
Question: ....I am somewhat troubled by what appears to be a lack of consistency in your newsletter, by your referring to Hank Hanegraaff, Bill Bright, Chuck Colson, Billy Graham, W. A. Criswell, et al. as men who are “brothers in Christ,”... question and answer Dec 1998 TBC Staff
Great Among the Gentiles feature article Dec 1998 Hunt, Dave
Home to Rome? - Audio Newsletter newsletter Jan 1999 TBC Staff
Home to Rome? feature article Jan 1999 McMahon, T.A.
Quotable quotable Jan 1999 Joad, CEM
Question [composite of several]: Your recent article on Y2K and Bible prophecy was a disappointment....I encourage you to revisit the topic for your readers who trust you.... question and answer Jan 1999 TBC Staff
Quotable quotable Jan 1999 Cosby, Howard
"It Is Written" - Audio Newsletter newsletter Feb 1999 TBC Staff
"It is Written" feature article Feb 1999 Hunt, Dave
Question: In mid-October, I heard a very disturbing series by Dr. D. James Kennedy on his radio program, “Truths that Transform,” with the theme of Christ in the zodiac.... question and answer Feb 1999 TBC Staff
"Holy Father" - Audio Newsletter newsletter Mar 1999 TBC Staff
"Holy Father" feature article Mar 1999 Hunt, Dave
Quotable quotable Mar 1999 Anderson, Robert
Question: I would like to call your attention to a [federal] Legislative Act...concerning Y2K....You need to do more research....I appreciate The Berean Call and I thank you for it. question and answer Mar 1999 TBC Staff