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Search the Scriptures 24/7 with T.A. McMahon, the co-author of The Seduction of Christianity , engages guests in discussions that biblically evaluate popular trends and teachings that are influencing millions of Christians today.

The objective is to encourage listeners to be like the Bereans of Acts:17:11. They listened to the Apostle Paul and were commended for searching the Scriptures daily to see if what he was preaching was true to God's Word.

Programs are released each Friday.  The most recent ones are listed below, or use the drop-down menus below to find just what you want!

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Title Post datesort descending Program #
Trendy Taize Prayer Services May 2, 1999 0519b
The Doctrine of Salvation May 2, 1999 0519d
The Seduction of Christianity-Part One May 2, 1999 0519a
What About the Book 'Ecumenical Jihad'? May 2, 1999 0519c
Do We Violate Matthew 18? May 8, 1999 0529c
Jimmy Carter's 'Christian' Views May 8, 1999 0529b
The Doctrine of Salvation-A Critical Concept? May 8, 1999 0529d
The Seduction of Christianity-Part Two May 8, 1999 0529a
A Response to Some Reader Criticism May 16, 1999 0539c
Some Disturbing Trends in the Church of England May 16, 1999 0539b
What Does the Gospel Do? May 16, 1999 0539d
The Seduction of Christianity-Part Three May 16, 1999 0539a
The Occult Invasion May 22, 1999 0549a
Do You Have to Have a Degree to Understand the Bible? May 22, 1999 0549c
The Latest Spiritual Trend in Tinseltown May 22, 1999 0549b
The Church in the World May 22, 1999 0549d_000
Is the Dalai Lama Really God? May 28, 1999 0559a
Who is the Bride of Christ? May 28, 1999 0559c
Sacramental Psychedelics in the Military May 28, 1999 0559b
The Doctrine of Salvation-Unique to Christianity? May 28, 1999 0559d
Presidential Plaudits for Ecumenism May 29, 1999 0569b
More on the Gospel of Salvation May 29, 1999 0569d
Is Evolution Demonic? May 29, 1999 0569a
Should We Evangelize Aliens? May 29, 1999 0569c
Can You Believe in the Bible and Evolution? June 2, 1999 0619a
Is the Soul Really Separate From the Body? June 2, 1999 0619c
Suicide Condolence Cards June 2, 1999 0619b
Why is Man Under Condemnation? June 2, 1999 0619d
Should Christians Use Divining Rods? June 8, 1999 0629a
Who Were the Nephilim? June 8, 1999 0629c
Religions Are Us College Chapel June 8, 1999 0629b
What is God's Plan of Salvation? June 8, 1999 0629d
Is Satan's Power Natural or Supernatural? June 16, 1999 0639a
Should Christians Perform Magic? June 16, 1999 0639c
Israel's 'Go Home Evangelicals' Policy June 16, 1999 0639b
Did Men Crucify Jesus or Did God? June 16, 1999 0639d
What about Native and Nature Religions? June 22, 1999 0649a
Was Jesus a Teenage Guru? June 22, 1999 0649c
Shamanism for Ol' Shep June 22, 1999 0649b
Is the Gospel of Salvation in the Old Testament? June 22, 1999 0649d
Surfing the Spiritual Internet August 2, 1999 0819a
Yoga at the 'Y'...Why Not? August 2, 1999 0819c
Same Spirit Guide...Same Channeler August 2, 1999 0819b
Salvation in the Book of Isaiah? August 2, 1999 0819d
More About Salvation in the Book of Isaiah August 8, 1999 0829d
Prescriptions for Perdition August 8, 1999 0829a
Was Evil Created by God? August 8, 1999 0829c
Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Yogis August 8, 1999 0829b
The Eating Human Meatloaf Syndrome September 2, 1999 0919b
Why Doesn't God Just Forgive All of Us? September 2, 1999 0919d
Is Holistic Medicine Holy? September 2, 1999 0919a
Does God Love us Because We're so Lovable? September 2, 1999 0919c_001
Time Off With Good Voodoo September 8, 1999 0929b
What is Justification? September 8, 1999 0929d
What Is the Whole Truth of Holistic Medicine? September 8, 1999 0929a
What's the Difference Between a Lutheran and a Catholic? September 8, 1999 0929c
Holy Donuts in Canada! October 2, 1999 1019b
Why Can Jesus Free Us and No One Else Can? October 2, 1999 1019d
Can 12 Steps Be a Misstep? October 2, 1999 1019a
What's the Difference Between Yahweh and Allah? October 2, 1999 1019c
Peggy Campolo, the Church, and Homosexuals October 8, 1999 1029b
What Qualifications are Required to be Savior? October 8, 1999 1029d
Treading Scripturally Through 12-Step Methods October 8, 1999 1029a
Is Eternal Security Hard Work? October 8, 1999 1029c
Funerals for Animals November 2, 1999 1119b
How Can we Identify the Messiah? November 2, 1999 1119d
The Seduction of our Youth November 2, 1999 1119a
How Can We Identify the Antichrist? November 2, 1999 1119c
Can't the World's Religions Just Get Along? November 8, 1999 1129b
Characteristics of the Messiah November 8, 1999 1129d
Drugs and Johnny's Behavior November 8, 1999 1129a
Are Catholics and Lutherans on the Same Page? November 8, 1999 1129c
Do You Have the Mark of the Beast? November 16, 1999 1139c
Live From Jerusalem...The Second Coming! November 16, 1999 1139b
Could Anyone be the Messiah? November 16, 1999 1139d
Video Games From the Pit November 16, 1999 1139a
Can We Choose to be Saved? December 2, 1999 1219c
Helping God With Genetic Engineering December 2, 1999 1219b
Jesus' Fullfilment of Old Testament Prophecies December 2, 1999 1219d
Learning Cultic Techniques in Sunday School December 2, 1999 1219a
Buffing Up Your Spirit Exercises December 8, 1999 1229a
Does Harry Potter Teach Witchcraft? December 8, 1999 1229c
Gold Fillings From God? December 8, 1999 1229b
More on Jesus and Old Testament Prophecies December 8, 1999 1229d
Are You a God Wannabe? December 16, 1999 1239a
Is Jesus a Peacemaker or a Troublemaker? December 16, 1999 1239c
Cheerleading for Christ December 16, 1999 1239b
Jesus and Old Testament Prophecies December 16, 1999 1239d
UFOs and Apparitions January 2, 2000 0110a
How Trustworthy Is the Bible? January 2, 2000 0110c
What Would a Politically Correct Jesus Look Like? January 2, 2000 0110b
Focusing on Faith January 2, 2000 0110d
More on UFOs and Apparitions January 8, 2000 0120a
How Do You Study the Bible? January 8, 2000 0120c
Is Evangelism a Hate Crime? January 8, 2000 0120b
Why Is Faith the Means of Salvation? January 8, 2000 0120d
More on Aliens, Demons and Apparitions January 16, 2000 0130a
What's Wrong With Ecumenism? January 16, 2000 0130c
Expanding Publisher Gets Into the Shrink Business January 16, 2000 0130b
The Question of Faith January 16, 2000 0130d