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That Islam is “peace and tolerance” is the most popular lie in the world today. Intellectuals in the West who defame Christ parrot the most fatuous praise of Muhammad, in spite of his legacy of murder, pillage, and rape. A Sesame Street-type Arabic TV program features children training to be suicide bombers and chanting “Death to Israel”—for peace, of course. 

That our leaders promote this lie, and that so many believe it without one fact to support it, bodes ill for America and the world. We only ask Muslims for one example of where and when Islam ever brought peace and tolerance—and please don’t threaten us with death (the standard Islamic persuasion) for asking!

Westerners naively accept Allah, who inspired Muhammad, as the God of the Bible. Yet Allah has no son, and rejects the Trinity (Surah 4:171, Qur'an), is unknowable, and was the pagan idol/god of Muhammad's tribe before he was born. Allah tells Muslims, "Take not the Jews and Christians for friends...slay the idolaters [infidels] wherever ye find them. ...Fight against those who...believe not in Allah nor the Last Day" (Surah 5:51;9:5,29,41). But the triune God of the Bible wants men to know Him (Jer:9:24), a knowledge essential to salvation (Jn:17:3). Jews are His "chosen people" (Ex:6:7; Lev:20:261 Chr:16:13Ps:105:6, etc.) and Christians are His dearly loved children (Rom:8:16, Rom:8:21Gal:3:26; Eph:1:5; Eph:5:1, etc.). —Dave Hunt, TBC "Islam's Peace," March 2003 and "Islam and the Gospel," April 1999

Key Scripture verses related to "Islam"

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