Question: Why does violence by Muslims increase during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan? It was during Ramadan 2006 that hundreds of Iraqi police were poisoned, obviously by Muslims. |

TBC Staff

Question: Why does violence by Muslims increase during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan? It was during Ramadan 2006 that hundreds of Iraqi police were poisoned, obviously by Muslims.

Response: The increased violence was exactly as expected. We are engaged in a war to the death—not against terrorists and extremists who, as President Bush insists, have "hijacked a peaceful religion," but with Islam itself—a fact that the West refuses to acknowledge. The "politically correct" lies, so popular in the West, must be abandoned. We are losing this war and will continue to do so until the West faces the truth that our enemy is not terrorism perpetrated by Muslim "extremists" but the violent religion of Islam itself!

Ramadan is not, in fact, an Islamic holy month. Not only is it not "holy," but it did not originate with Muhammad and Islam. Pagan Arabs had observed it for centuries before Muhammad was born. Arab tribes had traditionally refrained from fighting one another at that time. So, why do Muslims fight and kill during Ramadan?

Muhammad began his violent career in Medina, then called Yathrib, a city founded by Jews, in which he killed all of the males and enslaved the women and children. He established himself as the Prophet of Islam with more than 20 murders of those who opposed him, especially poets, whom the Qur'an says are inspired by Satan (Surah 26: 221-26 - a special "revelation" from Allah to justify Muhammad's murders).

Muhammad's first three attacks upon rich caravans passing near Yathrib on their way to Mecca were a failure. Then he received another timely "revelation" from Allah, added to the Qur'an, that Muslims could fight during Ramadan (Surah 2:217). His first military success followed. The caravan he attacked was caught by surprise during the agreed-upon "time of peace." That great success caused Arabs to flock to Muhammad to get in on the booty by joining this new religion of "peace" that allowed fighting during Ramadan!

Muslims still seem to think that Ramadan is a good time for surprise attacks, as we have just seen demonstrated in Iraq and other Muslim countries. Shiites blow themselves up in Sunni mosques as their sure way to paradise, while Sunnis blow themselves up in Shiite mosques as their quick way to paradise. Of course, Sunnis say the attacking Shiites went to hell, while Shiites say the same of Sunni suicide bombers who attack them.

Nor is the concept of Muslims killing Muslims anything new. Three of Muhammad's first four successors were killed by fellow Muslims. And as this "religion of peace" spread, it only got worse. Through the centuries, hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims—exactly as they are doing to one another today not only in Iraq but in Afghanistan, Algeria, Pakistan, and wherever Islam exists.

From 1948 to 1973, there were 80 revolutions in the Islamic world, 30 successful, including the murder of 22 heads of state. The Muslim Brotherhood threatened to kill Egypt's Nasser and succeeded in assassinating Anwar Sadat, a deed that Arafat applauded. In 1971, East Pakistan rebelled against West Pakistan (both Muslim states) and became Bangladesh. In the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq, Muslims used 1,000 tons of poison gas against one another and killed as many as died in World War I. Literally thousands of young school boys died walking through mine fields to clear them for troops with the promise of paradise for becoming "martyrs." In 1990, we "pagans" had to rescue Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim nations from Iraqi Muslims demonstrating Islam's peacefulness.

Islamic violence during Ramadan began with Muhammad and is supported in the Qur'an. There is not one example in the entire world of Islam ever having brought peace to anyone anywhere except by killing or enslaving the opposition!