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TBC Staff

TBC’s 2021 Online Bible Conference

August 26-28

After much prayer and discussion, we have decided to hold the TBC Conference only “online” this year. We will miss the face-to-face fellowship we’ve enjoyed for many years but we hope that you will “Do Your Own Conference” this year.  We’ll provide most things you’ll need to promote your own gathering.  Invite friends, family, your Bible study, or your church.  See below for a list of conference speakers and topics. More details coming soon!

For more information visit:

www.thebereancall.org/conference — or Call: 800-937-6638

Rob CongdonApostasy elements especially related to the false teachings of Calvinism.

Greg Durel—Roman Catholic seduction of evangelicals; the pope’s mysticism and ecumenism.

Brother Elijah—America exporting false doctrine?

Dave Hunt—Israel: What’s Biblical and What’s Not Biblical

T. A. McMahon—Counseling in the Church: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Rod Page—The New Apostolic Reformation.

Jay Seegert—Pseudo-scientific ideas that oppose biblical creation.

Carl Teichrib—Transhumanism, Earth-day, EDM, Burning Man, CEOs and moneyed power brokers “saving the world.”

Don Veinot—Occultism via the Enneagram; the spirituality of new movements such as Black Lives Matter.

Mike Warren—Helping Bible-believing churches and pastors who are struggling to deal with the flood of apostasy.