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Dear TBC,

Dave Hunt’s book Whatever Happened to Heaven? is, of course, the best resource to counter “The Send” and shows that there is nothing new under the sun with all the false teaching out there. CW (email)

Dear TBC,

God’s goodness, perfect holiness, and righteousness reveal evil for what it is. Without God and the conscience He has given us we would not recognize evil…and this world is full of evil. Sometimes when my head starts spinning due to all the things I have on my plate to do for the Lord, I have to stop myself and consider whether or not it’s “my plate” or the Lord’s. I want you to know that you have helped me very much by confirming my suspicions on many issues and informing me of others to which I had not personally been subjected. [You have] clarified some questionable issues and gifted me with a wonderful sense of hope and comradeship in these very confusing times and days. RD (prisoner)

To the staff of The Berean Call, 

Just a little note to let you know how much you have been an encouragement to us in our spiritual life—in particular Dave Hunt (who is with his Maker now) as well as Tom McMahon. You are in our prayers. We do thank the Lord for your faithfulness in standing up for the Truth and for your firm stand on Calvinism, which we came out of 48 years ago.

In particular, we thank you for the 1,414 pages of the most wonderful writings, articles, Q&As, etc. I have three binders-full and I am very proud of having them. God bless you for them. Since we are in our mid-80s now, we have to downsize and go into a senior’s home, so please pray for us that we might be a testimony in that place as well. The harvest is ready, but the reapers are few. May the Lord continue to bless you and make you a blessing—Jesus is coming! HO (Canada) 

Dear Berean Call, 

A paragraph from the article on “The Send” [Nov 2019] disturbs me, as I know it does you. Having been raised in Christian Science, I see a similar theme [with The Send]. No negative thoughts or spoken words. Everything is positive, perfect, pure. Any trials or tribulations are put on the mental back burner, I guess. The pliable minds of these young people are being taught a dangerous lie. Yes, Jesus has overcome the world. We have not—yet. If we truly belong to Him, we shall see this Truth when our faith is made sight. But not Christian Scientists. They have overcome the world now, or so they say. And they also select their verses carefully, to be read in church. Perish the thought of reading, say, Romans, straight through. It disturbs me that this thinking is still being taught, but under a different name, while Christian Science churches are closing every day. The greatest day of my life was when God lifted me out of Christian Science permanently and set me down on The Narrow Road. I am eternally grateful. SL (email)

Hi TBC Staff,

Just want to say how much I appreciate this ministry. I teach high school Bible and get asked some very difficult questions. So while you guys are helping me, you’re actually helping so many lives that you’ll never know about! Thank you, and glory to God! WC (email)

Dear TBC:

Thank you for the newsletter. It is a much-needed stabilizer in a world following Satan. Each time I start to get angry about current events—which is a very mild way to describe the headlong plunge into total godlessness—I pick up The Berean Call and know that we have biblical, spiritual brothers and sisters who are battling the chaos in prayer. JA (OR) 

Dear TA and Staff,

Just a quick note of appreciation for all your work. It is special to know that you actually read the letters you receive. Thank you for alerting the Body of Christ to all the deception coming into the Church. My main message is for the Church to “wake up—repent, as Jesus Christ is coming soon.” It’s so amazing to see that many do not want to hear that. They want to keep on in the flesh and enjoy the world. MT (NY)