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Christian Doctor Won’t Lose Job For Praying, 12/10/19, “Christian Doctor Wins, Won’t Lose Job after Praying with Patient” [Excerpts]: A Christian doctor in the United Kingdom has been cleared of any wrongdoing following a three-month investigation into an allegation that his praying made a patient uncomfortable. 

The General Medical Council, which oversees and licenses doctors, cleared Richard Scott and said there was no evidence that Scott, 59, had done anything wrong. 

Scott, who sometimes prays with patients, could have lost his license and job. The General Medical Council said in a letter there was “no first-hand account of complaint from any patient about Dr. Scott’s practice.”

“National Secular Society (NSS) sent an anonymous hearsay account about how Dr. Scott expressed his religious beliefs to a ‘highly vulnerable’ patient,” the General Medical Council said. “There is no convincing evidence that Dr. Scott imposes his personal religious beliefs upon potentially vulnerable patients.”

Further, the General Medical Council said there “is no evidence that [Dr. Scott] discusses faith in situations where the patient has stated that they do not wish to discuss these matters” or that “he has continued to discuss faith after a patient has indicated that they do not welcome such a discussion.”


A Chinese Camarasaurus?, 10/31/19, “A Chinese Camarasaurus?” [Excerpts]: Dinosaurs supposedly died out 66 million years ago leaving only their remains—and humans are supposed to have only come on the scene tens of millions of years later. However, there are manmade representations of dinosaurs—drawings, carvings, and the like—known from every continent except Antarctica.

A late Eastern Zhou (3rd century BC) wine vessel excavated in 1975 from a tomb in Sanmenxia, Henan Province, China, demonstrates this beautifully. Cast in bronze with much of its gold inlay still preserved, the stunning artistry is clear. Looking distinctly dinosaurian are four animals, one featured on each side of the wine vessel, easily recognizable as sauropod dinosaurs. Due to the particularly rounded head at the end of the long thin neck peering over the edge it may very well be depicting a Camarasaurus. 

Other bronze items...displayed very clear portrayals of other animals such as an elephant, bull, leopard, rhino, ram, tiger, and birds—all in their correct proportions. The accurate details portrayed in such clear representations show they were surely made by someone who was well aware of what these animals looked like. Equally, the person responsible for the wine vessel must have been aware of what a sauropod dinosaur looked like to be able to cast it so well.


Parents Running Out of Options, 11/27/19, “Parents who don’t agree with LGBT lessons are quickly running out of options” [Excerpts]: In one of the more predictable decisions of recent years, though no less troubling for that, the [UK] High Court has permanently banned demonstrations against pro-LGBT classes outside Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham, paving the way for the banning of all such protests outside schools.

The judge, Mr Justice Warby, said the protests had an adverse effect on pupils, residents and staff—for evidence of this, pointing to 21 teachers being treated for stress.

But since when has the stress of the people being protested against counted as a reason in law to curtail the fundamental right to freedom of speech, assembly and peaceful protest?

Think of the mental health of MPs, corporate executives, doctors and so on. What protest will not be banned if the stress of the professionals being protested against is to count as grounds for such a ban? Bizarrely, and in the face of all evidence, the judge claimed the ‘school does not promote homosexuality’. But of course it does.... Isn’t that the point of LGBT inclusive education? Isn’t that why Section 28, which banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools, was repealed?