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T. A. McMahon

Heeding A Broken Record

Some may think that at the beginning of each year, I rarely ever cease to promote a habit-forming resolution that I know will bless every believer in Jesus Christ. I do it quite a lot, much more than once a year for which I hope it becomes T. A.’s “blessed annoyance.” As I started writing this, I realized that many who are not of my generation might not get the “broken record” aspect. Although the interest in phonograph records is becoming a trend, few young people today have experienced the annoying nonstop repetition of a scratched phonograph record.

What’s my incessant exhortation? Read or listen to the Word of God every day! The reasons are abundant and should be obvious. Here’s just a couple: The Bible is God’s direct communication to us personally. Receiving His objective Scriptures—His instructions, corrections, and encouragement—continually is our primary source for spiritual maturity and for growing in our personal, intimate relationship with Jesus. If that’s what we want in our life as believers, then that’s what we need to do.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director