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Dear T. A. and Staff,

We would like to say thank you for all the years of faithful service to the Lord and His Church. We have for many years followed Dave and T. A.’s teaching and all articles written by the Berean Call staff. Your website is so full of wonderful studies and information, it is keeping us going as we are locked down here. We continue to pray for all at The Berean Call and wish you health as we all wait for the soon return of our Lord and Savior. AH (Germany)

Dear Tom and Staff,

Please remove my name from your newsletter list. I can certainly read it online from now on and save you a little bit of money. I very much enjoy it and your discernment. I have followed Dave Hunt from the [days of] the Christian Information Bureau...so I have been reading The Berean Call for a long time and very much enjoy keeping up with [events] in the “World.” JR (MN)

Dear TBC,

Wow! I had no idea of the roots of AA. I used to attend OA (Overeaters Anonymous)—same things as AA. I knew they didn’t believe in getting over the problem, and I knew that my Christian faith was to be [my] help for victory. I had a former nun as my sponsor. I did very well, probably because of my competitiveness. We do need each other and not too many in the churches today are willing to help one another or even admit a problem. JK (email)

Dear TBC,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you.... I haven’t heard you guys on my radio stations for a long time, so I am very thankful for your website. I remember hearing Mr. Hunt and Mr. McMahon responding to hostile letters from people who write to you guys. I see the same thing here in Northern California. The majority of Christians don’t read or study their Bibles. They are completely lost and filled with insane worldly teachings.... For a working dad and a swamped homeschooling mom, you guys are such a huge blessing to help us raise our kids and see through the deception the world is pouring out through all channels, including too many churches. I found your article on “The Truth Project,” and we plan to make a family study with it this week. We watched it at church and our kids immediately picked out some creepiness...especially “Father” Sirico. Too often we see Christians falling for the Jesuits’ and Catholics’ schemes. SP (email)


Dear TBC Staff,

Thank you all for your faith, faithfulness, and unfailing newsletters and emails. I’m even learning to view TBC on YouTube! God bless you all until Jesus comes in glory! KO (OR)

Dear TBC,

Thank you for your newsletter. Those encouragements from articles make me always “look up....” My gratitude for your “nourishing” my salvation and the instruction received, for you are preaching God’s Word. It helps me conceptualize and understand more—the infallible Word of God. LC (prisoner, CA)

Dear TBC,

I am so thankful for your ministry and have promoted it for years. I have found it to be one that is not afraid to name names. So many people have so many opinions about the Scriptures. There are too many who parallel the Jewish leaders in Paul’s day (Romans:10:1-4). By works they do not have the witness of the Holy Spirit (Romans:8:16). With no full assurance (Hebrews:6:11, 10:22), they desperately need to examine themselves (2 Corinthians:13:5) to see if they be in the faith. I’m 83 and older than Barzillai, who was called “very aged” at 80 in 2 Samuel:19:32. CC (TN)

Dear Friends,

Again, thank you for a good reading issue of The Berean Call for April. I have been receiving these letters for many, many years. When I was saved in 1978, I finally learned who the Holy Spirit is. However, it was Dave Hunt’s book The Seduction of Christianity that kept me from going off like a rocket. Again, I thank you. I have to admit to reading, then learning the error of, certain books that I had. I burned several, including The Message, Jesus Calling, The Shack, and perhaps more. 

We are all in such different times...that I understand if you have to go to email only. I pray against the enemy who would like to shut down many true ministries. Through your newsletter, I learn how to believe or not. I will pray for your safety and [that you may] continue your ministry. SR (AR)