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It is a joy to think that, as Christ has redeemed and sanctified the entire man, and will be honored in the salvation of the entire man, our complete humanity will have the power to glorify Him. The hands with which we sinned will be lifted in eternal adoration. The eyes that have gazed on evil will see the King in His beauty. The mind that now loves the Lord will be perpetually knit to Him, and the spirit that contemplates Him will forever delight in Him and be in communion with Him. Yet, even more than all this, the very body that has been a clog and a hindrance to the spirit, that has been a chief rebel against the sovereignty of Christ, will give Him homage with voice and hand and brain and ear and eye. We look to the time of our resurrection for the accomplishment of our adoption, that is, the redemption of our bodies.

—C. H. Spurgeon