Question: Did Jesus go to hell when He died? |

TBC Staff

Question: When Jesus died on the cross, did He go to the actual place of torment or to Abraham’s bosom?

Response: It was definitely to Abraham’s bosom. Sheol was made up of two compartments: one for the damned and one for the redeemed. Jesus preached the gospel to those who were aforetime the disobedient. In no other parable does Jesus ever name an actual person’s name, and I believe that this is in fact not a parable but a real story. However, even if this were a parable, we see that in Sheol the dead were conscious. There is a place of torment in Sheol (but it is not inhabited by Satan or demons). And even though there is a great gulf fixed, apparently those in the place of torment could see and hear those in Abraham’s bosom. When Jesus proclaimed the good news to the redeemed in Abraham’s bosom, the damned would hear that as well.