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T. A. McMahon

TBC Conference & Projects Update

We’re still planning to hold our conference in August (27-29). It will either be a physical gathering of speakers and attendees, or a live-streamed production, depending on what the status of Covid-19 is at the time.

We are also getting ready to launch two new programs: “Get Biblical Understanding (GBU), along with T. A. McMahon” and “Apostasy Update (AU).” GBU is a presentation graphically and verbally of Scriptures that relate to a specific biblical topic, e.g., love, deity of Jesus, eternal life, propitiation, justification, etc. AU is an interview program featuring those individuals whose ministry’s deal primarily with the false teachings and practices that are deceiving many Christians today.

We covet your prayers for these endeavors.


T. A. McMahon

Executive Director