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Communists Have No Respect for Life, 4/14/22, “China Shows (Yet Again) That Communists Have No Respect for Life” [Excerpts]: As we’ve seen time and time again throughout history, when individual rights are undermined, the group is inevitably hurt as well.

[More recently] the world has watched in horror as residents of Shanghai have been locked in their homes by their government. Why? The authorities in China are pursuing a senseless and impossible goal of zero COVID cases—despite the fact that the virus has a death rate of less than one percent and that a vaccine is readily available.

To enforce their new lockdowns, the communist regime has invoked brutal tactics. The 25 million residents of the city have been locked in their homes, while their food supplies dwindle and medicines are running out. Their government is supposed to be delivering these items to the homes of its citizens, but unsurprisingly, it is failing to do so in an organized or timely manner.

And it doesn’t stop there. CNN reports people have been unable to receive medical care, even for emergencies, without a negative COVID test. Children with COVID-19 have been taken from their families. Patients with chronic illnesses or those in need of surgery have been denied care indefinitely. And videos show authorities killing family pets who escaped into the streets.

Dragon Art Defies Millions of Years, 2/28/22, “Dragon Art Defies Millions of Years” [Excerpts]: The trustworthiness of the Bible’s history—and thus the very character of the Savior who its pages claim to be responsible for its words—lies at the heart of our faith and how we interpret Earth’s past. If the Bible’s account of an originally very good creation that began without death only thousands of years ago really happened, then evolution’s death for billions of years never happened. Dragon art has something to say about which version of history should stand.

Several “dragons” in ancient art resemble extinct reptiles known from Cretaceous fossils. Dire Dragons shows evidence of the ceratopsian Graciliceratops and the theropod Deinonychus as examples from this rock system. Nigersaurus sauropod fossils from Cretaceous system rocks of Africa match specific body characteristics, most notably a short neck and wide snout, of a 13th-century wood carving in St David’s Cathedral, Wales. That erases over 65 million “years.”

Ancient art shows other sauropods, or long-necked dinosaurs, which most often come from Jurassic layers. Another cathedral in the United Kingdom, this one in Carlisle far north of St Davids, has a small brass etching made in 1496 for Bishop Richard Bell’s tomb that shows what look like two sauropods. One of them has four tail spikes at the end of its long tail just like in fossils of Shunosaurus, which wasn’t found until 1989. This erases over 140 million “years.”

So far, this art shows dinosaurs, but the four Flood rock systems also have fossils of other extinct reptiles. The various nothosaurs (order Nothosauroidea) comprise one such category found in Triassic system strata. Their features suggest an amphibious lifestyle. Their teeth extended past their jaws, probably effective for catching fish. A medieval altarpiece in Barcelona shows a dragon with teeth, head shape, and body size and proportions that match Nothosaurus. How did these ancient artists depict such striking similarities? This erases over 210 million total “years.”


Duke Divinity School Holds Worship Service to “The Great Queer One”, 4/20/22, “Duke Divinity School holds worship service to ‘the great queer one’” [Excerpts]: A recent worship service co-hosted by Duke Divinity School and the Duke Divinity Pride student organization invited students to praise the “great queer one.”

“We want to affirm everyone to be who they truly are,” second year Master of Divinity student Caroline Camp began. “To step into the holy one’s fire that burns away all that says we are not good enough and refines us by the Pentecostal fire to be who exactly the great queer one calls us to be. Let the spirit move you today, lift your hands and voices and dance in whatever way is most freeing to you.”

Camp, in her opening prayer, praised a God she described as “strange one, fabulous one, fluid and ever becoming one.”