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Dear Brother T. A. & Beloved Bereans:

Greetings in the name of our Blessed Hope & soon-coming King Jesus! Thank you for your commitment to proclaiming God’s all-sufficient word, in these final minutes of the final hour. Just read George Barna’s confirming survey of rampant apostasy & Biblical illiteracy in the church, AND how close the Rapture is! It’s heartbreaking & exciting at the same time! So, I read, listen (to trusted pastors & teachers), and study with my BIBLE open & pen in hand. Thank you again; God bless you & see you soon! Agape & Maranatha! (email) 

Dear TBC,

I have been receiving The Berean Call for a long time and I thank all in the office for putting together the written material and then sending it to me. May you all continue and be blessed.  Also, who is in charge of the written material? Thank you. AH (AR)

Dear TBC,

I have continually encouraged people to read Dave Hunt’s book, A Woman Rides the Beast, it is an excellently prepared and corroborated expose on the filthiness of the popes and the hierarchy. Thank you for opening the truth, as I am hoping for many Catholics to come out, as I have, into the light of Christ. Shalom TBC. TA (email)

Dear TBC,

I don’t know if I told you before but when [my wife and I] first met she was pretty much Catholic, was raised as such. I had TBC newsletters all over the house and was a little worried that she might read one. Not really worried, as I was explaining to her what the faith really is as subjects came up. So anyway, she found them, and along with reading the Bible cover to cover she realized how wrong [Catholicism] is. She became a Dave Hunt fan and we actually went and saw him and Ruth in Coeur d’Alene probably 10-12 years ago. He didn’t remember me but I wasn’t surprised about that. He probably literally met 10’s of thousands of people in his life and I was only around him for a mini blip in that timeline. RG (WA) 

Dear TBC,

[Concerning the radio program “Is Today’s Bible the Same as the Original?”] So much devotion and personal sacrifice in retaining its accuracy, but so few among humanity believe and appreciate its words. Scripture truly is a gift of the living and speaking God. But this gift is not one that becomes separated by time from the giver. By the Spirit, God spoke through the prophets and then the apostles. But God continues to speak by the same Spirit through those God-breathed written words. If only more would listen to its words. Anon (email) [TBC: See—thebereancall.org/radio]

Hello TBC team,

Just want to express my sincere appreciation of your ministry—especially the app [TBC: See—thebereancall.org/app]. Even though I’ve listened to most of your content, every now and then I revisit the messages and I marvel at Dave Hunt’s boldness and wisdom—this goes for everyone I’ve heard on your show when it was recorded or the topics during the conference. I’m writing from Manitoba, Canada, and I wish I could attend your conferences. I know the podcast has changed; I haven’t seen the radio 2020, 2021 or 2022 but I sure hope the app will stay on for a long time in the future. RM (email)