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T. A. McMahon

Prayer Requests

One of the things I love about the way we do things here at The Berean Call is our absolute dependence on bringing everything before the Lord in prayer. I wrote everything because what I actually mean is everything. How that plays out in thirty years of ministry is we have thirty years of answers to our prayers. That's a glorious record of praise reports. Do we always know how the Lord is going to answer our prayers? No. But since we pray that we want His answers to be according to His will, that's a guarantee that praise reports will follow.

We go by what God's Word says, not by experience. On the other hand, having experienced thirty years of our prayers being answered is a tremendous confidence booster. Scripture abounds in verses that tell us to remember what God has done for those whom He loves.

We can also add to that those of you who write and tell us of your love and prayers for us.

Here's a couple of requests that you can help us with specifically. Our TBC Conference is taking place in August. There will be 12 messages, some through video and some by speakers who will be present at our conference. Pray that the talks will glorify the Lord and edify all who view the presentations. ​​[See—thebereancall.org/conference]

The other is that Jesus will use the opportunity He has provided for me to return to my home town in Ohio in July to share the gospel and my testimony. That's a return after 60 years. Pray that the Lord will open hearts and minds to receive His Word and be transformed by His truth.

T. A. McMahon

Executive Director