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Hunt, Dave

Gone (Out Of Print) But Not Forgotten . . . As mainstream Christian publishers face increasing pressure from all sides to create "spiritual" books that sell well in the general market, and as authors themselves try to "cross over" with messages that appeal to nonbelievers, authors who hold fast to God's Word are now increasingly censored by publishers whose roster is based on tolerance (in the name of Christian "love"), political correctness (in the name of "peace"), and the bottom lineinstead of "line by line." In addition, secular conglomeratessuch as Harper-Collins and Random Housecontinue to snatch up Christian publishing companies as a means to expand their empires, stripping staff and cross-pollinating products in a swelling marketplace of "spirituality" (FOXFaith for example). In response to this unfortunate paradigm shift, TBC has launched a publishing effort of its own, releasing new and formerly out-of-print works by Dave, T. A., and other authors. By God's grace, our goal is to supply discerning readers and bookstores with biblical resources that are no longer available from mainstream publishers and suppliers. In fact, we are currently in the process of updating and reissuing a number of books that Dave has written so that they may once again be made available. (Rest assured, we will inform you of upcoming releases through the newsletter and website!) In the meantime, we will periodically use this page to present excerpts from some of these valuable works, for your enjoyment and edification.

The Shamanic Connection

University of Texas Health Science Center professor Jeanne Achterberg points out what we all know: that shamanism is being embraced in the West. Part of the reason, she says, is that "something is generally felt to be lacking in the training and demeanor of the practitioners [psychiatrists]....." She adds that "shamanism has much to teach us, especially in regard to that most difficult lesson for those of us in the helping professions: learning to honor the uniqueness of each individual's path." Again, Jesus Christ as the way is rejected.

Hillary Clinton has long promoted shamanism, including public endorsement. Placing her on its front cover with the caption THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN, Time magazine declared, "Just by being herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton has redefined the role of First Lady." Inside was a picture of this "most powerful woman" (who claims to be a Christian), head reverently bowed, being "blessed" by a North American Indian spiritual healer (shaman) in Montana.

The practice of shamanism, which often is called New Age these days, is intertwined with the environmental movement....Shamanism involves contacting nonphysical entities in order to gain special knowledge and power. Robert Vetter, an anthropologist, tells the story of John Tallhorse, alleged to be the last Comanche medicine man alive. Having been diagnosed with incurable cancer, and having spent all of his money on hospital and medical bills, he "turned to the traditional ways of his people...[and] resolved to go on a vision quest."

Alone at night in an isolated place in the mountains, after fasting all day and having "smoked and prayed four times, following the ritual belief that tobacco smoke carries one's prayers heavenward," he was approached by something that terrified him. Tallhorse claims it was the spirit of Auannah Parker, a famous Comanche war chief, whom he recognized from his portrait. Says Tallhorse, "He breathed fire on me and paralyzed me. I was just lying there, dead, until he talked to me." He continues:

He looked at me and said, "Son, what are you doing here? Nothing's the matter with you."

I said, "I'm sick."

He said, "No.... Morning is coming here, son. There's a man out there that they say is real sick. They told me to visit him too -before I go.... This whole world stands still for just a little while -toward morning.... That's when spirits come out."

This is an interesting case, because John Tallhorse knew nothing of the use of visualization (the very heart of shamanism) for meeting a "spirit guide." The spirit (impersonating demon) came to him uninvited and unexpected. The surprise element, as we have seen, is one of the marks of a genuine experience. What -occurred, including the cure of cancer, was spontaneous and could not have been a hallucination created by his expectations.

For the shaman, these spirit entities encountered on the vision quest are connected with the Earth. Eagle Man, a modern shaman, commends the Native Americans for the great gifts they allegedly gave to the world as "a result of their deeply -spiritual relationship with nature." He then adds, "Getting back to nature will be the key to saving the planet."

The return to nature is a basic message that comes through in almost all communications from the occult world. Marilyn Ferguson says that "the new paradigm sees humankind embed-ded in nature." Ramtha channels through JZ Knight the same message of harmony with nature. It is the common -message of the entities that communicate through channelers, mediums, Ouija boards, and other occult means.

Down the Primrose Path

Although contact with such entities is claimed universally, their true identity, location, and purpose—whether "nature spirits," "space brothers," "Ascended Masters," deceased loved ones, "power animals," gods and goddesses, etc.—is always beyond verification. This ought to be disturbing, yet it seems not to be. Medical scientist Andrija Puharich writes:

Considering that I have had two years of intermittent experience [of contact with them], I am remarkably ignorant about these beings.

On the other hand I have complete faith in their wisdom and benevolent intentions toward man and living things on earth. My lack of hard knowledge about them is the kind of deficiency that does not erode my faith in their essential pursuit of the good, the true, the beautiful and the just. (Emphasis added)

Such trusting naïveté from a scientist is astounding! Yet one finds similar trust to be universal regarding the imagined forces of nature and the spirits that allegedly control those forces. In contrast, the Bible is rejected, even though its integrity is fully demonstrated internally and externally. The message the Bible brings is not the one mankind wants to hear.

In [Bill Moyers' television series with Joseph Campbell, the world-renowned expert on mythology] Campbell referred to the remarkable "commonality of themes in world myths." To Campbell, mythology was "the song of the universe." The mystical view that the universe is a living creature has a winsome appeal, but it fails to explain the impersonal violence of nature's destructive forces—or man's moral conscience. In fact, the evidence overwhelmingly proves that there are evil entities who are leading mankind down a destructive path of delusion.

Excerpted from Occult Invasion:The Subtle Seduction of the World and the Church, by Dave Hunt, 1998.

[Note: Occult Invasion is back in print as part of the Dave Hunt Classics book collection.]