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TBC Staff

Dear Staff of Berean Call,
I have two friends who are involved with Theophostic Counseling and I have always had a check in my spirit concerning this. After reading your article in the last magazine [Sep '06], I understand why. Thank you for your ministry and your faithfulness to the Word of God. JN (MT)

Thank you so very much for the intense work you put into What Love Is This? If your ministry produced only that, it would have been enough! I am flabbergasted this (Calvinism) "bad fruit" has stayed at such a quiet, low profile. Please keep it on a front burner. JF (NY)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I've been wanting to write...to tell you how much your [radio] program means to me! I rise early on Saturdays to listen at 7 a.m. and, if I can, again at 7 p.m....I just love the way you interact with each other. Sometimes I chuckle at your mannerisms and how you tease each other! You complement one another so well....I was especially blessed...by your handling and answers to "What do you do with a prodigal?" It was so biblical...practical, and helpful. BA (GA)

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus,
Pure Christianity in print is hard to come by these days. I am hoping to get my lifetime (well, at least many years) of error-Roman Catholicism, Catholic education, trying to transfer to evangelicalism, with all of that baggage-straightened out. I'm working on it, and The Berean Call is a big help. CR (WA)

Dear Dave,
I have been re-reading Judgment Day, and I get so much out of it. Our Presbyterian Church USA was going to divest from companies dealing with Israel and even sent a delegation to talk with Hizbollah! Your information in the book has been great to show [people] the true situation in the Middle East from a biblical perspective. I cannot thank you enough! DP (IL)

To Dave Hunt and all of TBC,
I weep. So many called are being led astray by their lust for an experience and a visual manifestation that they don't adhere to the simplicity in Christ....We have an ecumenical group in prison called Kairos....They usually start with the Lord's prayer or invite Jesus to come join them in their journey. They try to get through the short list on the card but are limited in time. They end by encompassing the room, holding hands, asking for prayers and sing a song of Kairos at the end, shouting "yeah, God!" Kairos doesn't like you to bring the Word of God to this function....Don't want to offend. I tried to stay so I could reason with them. Big mistake. Even those "brothers" didn't want to hear the truth. DL (prisoner, TX)

Dear Berean Call,
I have been noticing the gradual and subtle decline of discernment within the church over the past two decades, and it appears there is no end in sight....Billy Graham is quoted as saying that he doesn't believe that every jot and tittle in the Bible is from the Lord (Newsweek, 8/14/06); the latest catalog from Christian Book Distributors highlights a new book by Robin McGraw (wife of Dr. Phil, [who] uses psychology, foul language, and believes homosexuality is OK). And his wife is going to teach Christians how to live godly lives? Fuller Seminary is obviously allowing pro-homosexuality speakers to address students in some classes....No discussion or theological debate was permitted (World Magazine, 7/8/2006)....We are certainly near the very end-or the beginning, depending on your perspective. GM (AZ)

I was shocked at your views on the rosary and the saints. I cannot see or understand how or why you feel the way you do. The rosary is a prayer to Mary for her Son. Catholics don't pray to Mary, they pray through Mary to God. This is the mother of Jesus. Who are you to say what God accepts as prayer and what He doesn't? I hope you have a good answer for Him when He asks why you were putting down prayers for His mother....People like you scare me. You think you talk for God, but you are professing things you cannot know about. Anon (IN)

Dear Brother Dave,
Joel Osteen's book Your Best Life Now is a trap. The title itself is a trick title; a satanic play on words, whether Osteen himself knows it or not (no doubt not). If you have "your best life now," you're not going to heaven. For those bound for hell, their "best life" is now. They'll never have anything better than this. It's like that old Twilight Zone episode about the book written by the space aliens for the people of Earth titled To Serve Man, which, when the humans were trapped on the aliens' spaceship, bound for what they thought was a luxurious vacation on Planet whatever, they discovered was a cookbook: To Serve Man. MH (TX)