TBC Notes - Judgment Day! Special | thebereancall.org

McMahon, T.A.

”Judgment Day!” Special

Early in the year, we received an order from an individual who purchased 350 copies of Dave's book, Judgment Day! to place in all the libraries in his country. As we seek to get this book into the hands of as many as possible we would like to encourage you to consider doing the same in your own town. We are repeating the special offer that we ran in March: Anyone who has previously purchased a copy of Judgment Day! or would like to purchase one now at full price ($22) may also buy one or more additional copies for only $12 each, which is the case price!

This valuable book needs to be in our local public libraries, as well as church and Christian school libraries. Other ideas might be prison libraries or military libraries. To receive your library copies, call the TBC Order Department at 1-800-937-6638.