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TBC Today - Our Daily Update

TBC Today is posted each day and may include brief news items, quotes, commentary, and other pieces of interest. This information is available by email and is also posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
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The Most Difficult Part of Our Faith February 5, 2019
Junk Science Has Become a Profitable Industry. Who Will Stop It? February 6, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Ceremonialism: Some Important Distinctions February 7, 2019
My Beloved Prophet Muhammad Was a Human Rights Activist February 7, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Present Trend February 9, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Spirit Communication and Possession February 11, 2019
When It Comes to Children's Books, It's Time to Put the Propaganda Away February 11, 2019
Not Just Three Personalities February 12, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Séances and Mediums February 13, 2019
Was Jesus a Historical Figure? February 13, 2019
Wrong on Viruses February 14, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—“Proof,” But of What? February 15, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Contact with the Dead—Or with Demons? February 17, 2019
A Christian Student Stands by Her Faith February 18, 2019
Should We Interpret Genesis Literally? February 19, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Why the Biblical Prohibition? February 19, 2019
Abortion Apologist Has Habit of Ignoring Basic Science February 20, 2019
Amazing Design of Black Widow Web Silk February 21, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Was the Ancient “Muse” a Spirit? February 21, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Identifying the Modern “Muse” February 23, 2019
Attack on Private Gathering in Northern India Typifies Hindu Extremist Strategy February 25, 2019
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Enter the Ouija Board February 25, 2019
Prayer, the First Three Steps February 26, 2019
De-Nazifying the “DSM” February 27, 2019