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TBC Today - Our Daily Update

TBC Today is posted each day and may include brief news items, quotes, commentary, and other pieces of interest. This information is available by email and is also posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.
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Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Dangerous Delusion November 11, 2018
The Speech I Never Gave November 12, 2018
Prayer More Than Phrases November 13, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Surprising Conclusion November 13, 2018
US-Bound Ahmadi Leader Models a Different Kind of Islamic Caliphate November 14, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Hidden Agenda? November 15, 2018
New Chimp Genome Confirms Creationist Research November 15, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Some Further Problems November 17, 2018
Biblical Riot at Ephesus: The Archaeological Context November 19, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Enter Scientology! November 19, 2018
My Kingdom Go November 20, 2018
Adventism's Physical God November 21, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Dark and a Light Side? November 21, 2018
New Language Research Speaks Volumes About Creation November 22, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Mysterious, Invisible “Energy Source”? November 23, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—A Basic Problem: Power Corrupts November 25, 2018
A Singular Fraud November 26, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—Explaining God Away November 27, 2018
No Flattering of Heroes November 27, 2018
Man from Beth Moore’s Worship Band Apologizes to Women on Behalf of All Men November 28, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—The Serpent’s Four Lies November 29, 2018
The Increasingly Tangled Tree of Life November 29, 2018
Nuggets from Occult Invasion—What About “Right” and “Wrong”? December 1, 2018
Question: How can you write fiction when the Bible instructs us to only think on what's true? December 1, 2018